These $10 Slippers Are The Spring Cleaning Hack That Will Actually Change Your Life

Spring is almost here, which is great news for people, like me, who hate any weather below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The only downside to spring, besides all the pollen: It's time to deep-clean your living space. I dread the annual spring clean, mainly because I'm guilty of shoving my unneeded stuff under the bed and ignoring clutter until it becomes impossible to step over. I also vacuum and dust approximately once a season, so trying to actually clean my house is a task. But I've discovered a way to make spring cleaning exciting, and I'm *thrilled* to share it with you. Microfiber scrubbing slippers exist, and they're officially on my spring cleaning wishlist.

What are mop slippers? I'm so glad you asked. Someone much smarter than I am invented house shoes that have pieces of chenille microfiber cloth on the soles. The idea is that instead of walking around your house with a duster, you can just casually pick up dust as you walk. From one product description on Amazon: "Because of their size and shape, these slippers can go where a broom or mop might not reach to more precisely keep the floor clean. A velcro fastener attaches the cleaning cloth to the slipper, and it can be easily removed from the slipper to shake dust and dirt off." I'm obsessed.

Tragically, these don't work on carpet, so you'll still need to vacuum. In the spirit of full disclosure, there's a chance you'll still need to sweep, at least according to the reviews. "They're not going to pick up many hairs or anything, like a Swiffer mop would, but they do absorb dirt or liquid from the floor to some degree," says one reviewer. I'm now shuddering at the thought of intentionally mopping up a spilled drink with my shoes, but that's not the point. All that matters is that mop shoes exist, and I will dedicate the rest of my life to spreading the good news.

If you haven't awakened to the beauty of mop slippers, you may be asking yourself whether people are really so lazy that they need slippers to dust and mop their floors. The answer is yes, and I will not let judgment deter me from buying these. There are literally dozens of these on Amazon, and as one product description says, "You can buy it for your loved ones or yourself to wear them and walk around to have some fun and at the same time clean the floor." I cannot handle how much I love these shoes (and the marketing people who write the product descriptions for them). And if you want to wear actual shoes while you clean your house, there's even a product for that.

I scoffed at this because I always clean my house barefoot, but the more I think about it, the more I'm tempted to throw on tennis shoes and shoe covers. Why have I been walking in dirt? A more pertinent question: Why is my apartment dirty enough that I need to protect my feet? Unfortunately, I don't have an answer, but I do believe mop slippers are capable of saving the republic and making spring cleaning slightly less boring.

You do have to wash these once they get gross, and it's not clear how many wears they're made for, so it's important to remember they aren't a mop replacement. But you won't have to bend over to reach the dusty crevices of your home, so your back won't be under much strain, and these are definitely a conversation starter — I promise your housemates will wonder what you're doing. You won't get embarrassed, though, because mop slippers are everything.