Spring Cleaning Hacks That Aren't What You Expect


This time of the year is all about warm weather, sunshine, and — you guessed it — spring cleaning. Luckily, you can mentally prepare yourself with spring cleaning hacks if you are not the biggest fan of this yearly chore. These tips are not about the best DIY cleaners, though. They are not even about tricks to find more closet space.

Instead, these hacks focus on your approach. They speak to the way you to dive into the annual spring cleaning frenzy. By shifting your mindset and game plan, you can transform the way you take it on. In fact, it might even feel like less of a chore and more of a “home detox.” And, hopefully, it will stick with you all year round.

Speaking of mental preparation, why not spring clean your life, too? From focusing on close friendships to checking your career goals, this is the perfect time to hit refresh. Take a step back, and let the new season rejuvenate you. That sun can do amazing things for your mental health,after all.

The best part is that many of these mental hacks can be applied to everyday life. Practice them over time, and you will be able to de-clutter in the most productive way. Happy spring, folks.


Make It Fun


Bet you'd never see "spring cleaning" and "fun" in the same list. But hey, why not turn the chore into a mini party? Think of it as a warm welcome for springtime. Blast your favorite tunes and open up the windows. Stock up on cleaning supplies so you don't run out. And, of course, don't forget to arm yourself coffee or a mimosa (or two.)


Recognize Your Cleaning Style


Are you the type to bang out a task in one go? Or do you prefer baby steps spread out over time? Neither of these approaches are right or wrong. It comes down to recognizing your habits before tackling the chore. Don't pressure yourself to do it one way or the other, because both are totally valid.


Work On One Space At A Time


Jumping back and forth between the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom can be overwhelming. It's also a fool-proof way to get distracted. Before you know it, hours will pass and nothing will be clean. Instead of flip-flopping, focus on one area at a time. Once you tackle that space, you'll have motivation to keep on going.


Collect Random Items In A Box


This goes hand in hand with flip-flopping in between rooms. While cleaning, you'll probably find items that belong in another space. Instead of actually going there to put it away, place them in a box. (Or a basket, bag, or bin. Whatever works, people.) That way, you can stay focused on the room you're working on.


Determine An Item's Value


No, this isn't about how much something costs. It's about how much an item means to you. If you're stuck on whether to toss it out, ask yourself, Does it bring me value? Does it spark happiness or make my life easier? If so, then great. But if you totally forgot it existed, you might want to re-consider holding on.


Hide It


Still having a hard time letting something go? Hide it for, let's say, one month. Put it out of sight. If you end up needing that thing, then it may be something worth keeping. If not? Consider giving it to a friend, family member, or thrift store.


Reward Yourself


Pick a reward for when you've finally finished spring cleaning. This can be anything from a new plant to a fancy latte. Or maybe it can be a lazy night with a Netflix marathon. Whatever it is, you deserve it.