You Can Get Mini Disney Princess Cakes At Disney Parks Now

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Get ready to indulge in your Disney princess obsession in the most literal way. This fall, Disney World is selling three limited-edition Princess Cakes decorated to look like a few of your favorite Disney princesses. I’m not saying ingesting a princess cake with definitely make you feel like royalty...but it can’t hurt.

Launching today, Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs will be selling princess-themed versions of their classic cakes. The Disney World Resort bakery is known for its classy character-inspired cakes, like cakes shaped and decorated to look like Mickey Mouse’s ears. While prices for the princess cakes haven’t been explicitly stated, Amorette’s cakes typically start at $59. For a limited time, they’ll be adding three princess cakes to their assortment, feeding the insatiable hunger that is the Disney Princess fandom.

The Princess cakes will be available in three waves: the Rapunzel cake is available starting September 27 until September 30; the Moana cake will be sold October 4-7; and the Cinderella cake will being made available October 11-14. Each cake has a chocolate chiffon base and will be made with dark chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, and white chocolate crispy pearls.

Each cylindrical cake is then decorated to look the Disney princess it’s paying homage to. However, you won’t see gaudy and misshapen frosting illustrations or princess heads made of fondant on these cakes. These aren’t your grocery store princess cake, friends.

Instead, each cake is decorated to look like the outfit of the princess. Rapunzel’s cake comes decorated in a swirl of frosting meant to look like the princess’s golden hair. The Moana cake has an edible version of her Heart of Te Fiti necklace. Cinderella's cake has draping blue decorations meant to mirror her blue dress. They almost look too beautiful to eat. (Only almost though. You did read the part about the dark chocolate mousse, right?)

These limited-edition cakes are part of an expansion to the Disney princess merchandise at Disney World. As part of the “Dream Big, Princess” campaign, Disney is encouraging guests to go full princess at Disney Springs. There will be special marathon showings of your favorite Disney princess films at the AMC in Disney Springs. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Disney Springs’ princess makeover salon, is getting a makeover of its own. This fall, the boutique will have even more Disney princess dresses for fans to try on. Unfortunately, said fans must fall between the ages of three and 12. Grown-up princesses will have to settle for Etsy-made outfits.

Of course, there are plenty of ways fans of all ages can celebrate the Disney princess extravaganza. After have a slice or several of a Disney princess cake, you can check out DisneyStyle which is expanding their range of modernized Disney apparel and paraphernalia. Your options for celebrating like a Disney princess are basically bibbidi bobbidi boundless.

If you’re well over the age of twelve and still feel more than a twinge of excitement at any Disney princess-related news, you’re far from alone. A quick Google search will show you the internet has Ariel-hoarding levels of Disney content. Plus, there’s good reason why we never outgrow your love for Disney princesses. Nostalgia is a big one and a completely valid one as well. One study from Rutgers University suggests that nostalgia provides plenty of psychological benefits. It can reduce our feelings of loneliness and anxiety, making us feel more confident, happier, and giving us a sense of belonging.

So, feed that nostalgia craving with a Disney movie marathon or piece of Disney princess cake. Indulging in a little Disney princess fandom is good for your heart. Science says so.