These Movies Will Make You Cry Happy Tears For Hours

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The most confusing Netflix selection moments are when you're in a hard-to-define bad mood: on the verge of tears, yet not necessarily wanting to believe the world is a better place. I'm sure that's a common mood no matter what time of year it is, and finding the right blend for that catharsis might be tricky. But no worries: if you need to let it out, but also want to believe in happily ever afters, I've collected a selection of films that should make you get blissfully misty-eyed.

Well, maybe. Truth is, I don't know your taste in films, what franchise you've pledged loyalty to (I've listed them all), or what songs will turn you into a human waterfall. Also, I don't know if you share my crazy obsession with Cameron Crowe movies. However, I know what films work on me, so maybe you can find something within the curation. For your consideration (or outright dismissal), here are a selection of films that may have the potential to move you to tears of joy... no matter what your cinematic poison is.

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