Get Ready For Some Patriots Memes

by Lily Feinn
Elsa/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Approximately 99 percent of the year, I know next to nothing about football — but every time Super Bowl Sunday rolls around, I get inexplicably excited. No matter what team you're rooting for, these New England Patriots memes will get you pumped to watch the game in 2017. Forget MVP; Tom Brady is perhaps the most memeable player in the NFL. Considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time, Brady has won four out of the six Super Bowls in which he has participated. If the Pats triumph against the Falcons this Sunday, he will set a record of most championship wins in QB history. So what can you get for a team that already has everything? Why, memes, of course! If you are, like me, an NFL novice, than these memes will bring you up to date on everything to know going into Super Bowl 51.

Especially lately, it seems the Patriots just can't quite escape the spotlight. When you put together everything from the "Deflategate" saga to coach Bill Belichick's beloved hoodies (does he ever wash them?) and hauntingly blank stare, there is unlimited fodder for New England Patriots internet comedy gold. This year, the powerhouse team will face the Falcons, who have never won a Super Bowl, on Feb. 5 — and although it's anyone's guess what will happen, it will undoubtedly be incredibly fun to watch.

While you get ready to dig in to the requisite seven-layer dip, gear up for the half time show, and of course start looking out for the notable commercials, please enjoy these New England Patriot's memes:

The Neverending Super Bowl

Heavy Is The Hand That Wears The Rings

Falcons Fans Are Probably Wishing Brady Would Just Float Away Right About Now

The Resemblance Is Uncanny!

Salt Bae'a Got Nothing On Belichick When It Comes To Salty Swag

I'm OK With The Pats Winning, As Long As They Don't Destroy Any Planets In The Process

Patriots Fans Are Feeling Pretty Good Right Now, So...

It's Just Simple Math

NYC Is Sad, But Brady Is Thrilled!

Can We Please Make "Sad Tom Brady" An Real Pokemon?

The Best Meme Featuring Belichick's Thousand-Mile Stare

Endless Screaming

The Star Wars Memes Keep Coming!

Too True

For All Those Falcon Fans Out There.

It's been 18 years since the Falcons had a shot at the Super Bowl. Good luck!