You Can Buy Flip Flops With Your BFF's Face On Them For Ultimate Holiday Fun

by Aoife Hanna

Do you ever look at your summer shoe collection and feel a bit... meh? Like, why aren't your pair of sandals stunning? And why do those loafers make you feel low? Well guys, luckily enough it's 2019, so there's absolutely no reason to be down and out about your footwear. You can get summer shoes in all shapes, sizes, and brands. So what's not to love? OK is that not enough for you? Maybe something a bit more customised is what you're looking for. If so, you need to check out these personalised flip flops with your face on them.

I want to preface this by saying: this isn't one of those dumb jokes when it just says "your face." These are actual personalised flip flops covered in lots of pictures of you all over. Let's be real, not one person would even attempt to rob these beach-friendly trotter shields. Because you're literally all over them. Moo haha.

It certainly has been a busy month all round with all sort's of shifts, beginnings, endings, scary people taking political power during Mercury in retrograde. You know, all the good stuff. Oh no wait. Well, now there's something to smile about. FINALLY.

The new flippity flops are from Prezzybox and are described as an ideal gift for people who want to squish their own, or other peoples', faces all day with their sweaty feet.


"The perfect gift for your sole mate (we're here all week), if you can think of anything that says 'I love you', 'You're my BFF' or 'You're not a bad boss at all, really' more than personalised face flip flops, then we don’t know about it," they say.

The flip flops are available in women's size 4-6 and men's size 7-9 and 10-12, meaning there is a reasonable enough size spread. And hey, who hasn't worn a flip flip that's too small or big for them? You guys — that's just real life.

Prezzybox is absolutely the one for novelty gifts. All sorts of items are available to delight, fright, and feel alright. It's one of those places to grab a stocking filler or maybe, like, pick up a gift for your kid's teacher as an end-of-year gift. Although TBH, I feel like that gift might be slightly inappropriate. Or maybe you want to gift your pooch the present that keeps on giving? These personalised dog blankets are honestly one of the best things available to buy right now and I won't hear a word otherwise. I mean, look at them!


The guys over at Prezzybox feel like the sky is the limit when it comes to gifting the flip flops.

"A flipping awesome treat for a friend, family member, or very (very, very) good-humoured boss, they'll never want to take them off! Depending on the face you choose."

Exactly. Depending on the face you choose, the idea of walking around squishing the person's face all day might be total heaven. Maybe be concerned if they are delighted to be smashing a photo of you all day.