These Photos Of Dr. Evan Antin With Animals Will Make You Swoon

If you can't get enough of his wildlife adventures on Evan Goes Wild, there are plenty of photos of Dr. Evan Antin with animals to tide you over between episodes. The veterinarian's Instagram is chock-full of him posing with everything from the cute to the creepy: crocodiles, jaguars, Asian Bear Cats, monitor lizards. Name any animal, and it's probably on Antin's Instagram. He also posts a lot of videos and teasers for the show, so it's a good place to look if you're curious about what he'll be up to next. But whether you're a fan of Evan Goes Wild or not, trust that he's worth following — there's a reason he has over a million followers.

According to Antin's biography on Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital, his specializes in exotic animals and has traveled throughout the Americas, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. However, his Instagram feed shows that he's also familiar with animals more typically treated by vets, such as cats, dogs, and a variety of other house pets. Evan Goes Wild goes into a bit more detail about what he does, but his animal pictures provide proof enough that Dr. Antin has a contagious passion for wildlife.

He's Worked With Dogs

Because who doesn't love a good doggo?

He's Worked With Cats

While Dr. Antin's popularity pales in comparison to some of the internet's most popular cats, any vet worth their weight it probably going to have to treat a cat of some kind at some point in their career.

He's Worked With Babirusas

A little less typical than cats or dogs, the Babirusa is a sort of deer-pig that Dr. Antin believes is one of the "coolest swine species" in the world.

He's Worked With Snakes

Dr. Antin seems to take up any opportunity to go full Britney Spears and have a snake draped over his shoulders.

He's Worked With Bunnies

A far more traditional pet, Dr. Antin points out on his Instagram that bunnies have "specialized gastrointestinal tracts quite similar to horses and in fact require similar diets."

He's Worked With Rhinos

One of the most common non-household species that pop up on Dr. Antin's feed is the rhino. The rhino population is dwindling, with less that 35,000 left in the world, so Dr. Antin's posts aren't just fun pictures, they're also calls to action to save rhinos from extinction.

He's Worked With Pigs Wearing Goggles

Not all pigs have heart-shaped goggles, but sometimes they do and sometimes those pigs in goggles are the Instagram-famous Hamlet The Piggy. Truly a momentous crossover event.

He's Worked With Tarantulas

Not everyone is comfortable enough with animals to let a tarantula crawl across their face.

He's Worked With Binturongs

According to Antin, this animal is also known as the Asian Bear Cat.

He's Worked With Pelicans

Dr. Antin has worked with a variety of birds, but the Pelican's massive beak sets it apart. He performed this examination at the International Bird Rescue, whose mission is "to inspire people to act toward balance with the natural world by rescuing waterbirds in crisis."

He's Worked With A Massive Horse

Dr. Antin isn't just a doctor — he's also a cowboy.

It's clear Antin isn't just another popular influencer, he's an experienced vet who is bringing a lifetime of knowledge to television, and is helping his followers to learn more about the incredible animals he interacts with every day.