'Wonder Woman' Has Inspired A Warrior Fashion Trend

Warner Bros. Pictures

Gal Gadot's character is an inspiration in many ways in her latest film, so the fact that she's inspired a new fashion trend isn't exactly earth-shattering news. But the fact that Wonder Woman has inspired women to wear swords down their dresses has caught me off guard, because this wasn't exactly the accessory choice I was anticipating. After all, the Themyscira native is best known for her tiara and her bracelets. (OK, and her lasso of truth, but that seemed once again, a little unlikely as a style choice). But no. The hashtag #WWgotyourback is sweeping the internet, and it's inspiring women to stick their prop swords down the back of whatever they're wearing.

Mostly it's been ladies rocking it with a dress (presumably they've been inspired by the scene where the woman also known as Diana Prince conceals her Godkiller sword down the back of her evening gown). But there have also been participants in the challenge who have proven to the rest of us that this is a truly adaptable summer accessory and have worn it down tops and jeans instead. What's cool is that it's attracted the most playful members of the internet, so, unlike so many fashion trends, there's no one right way to wear this look.

Case in point: you don't have to use official merchandise from the film or to even use a sword. It looks even more badass when you use a prop that could be in an entirely different movie. Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your eyeballs to this still of a Harley Quinn fan reworking this trend to fit in with her own interests. Sure, the whole concealing aspect of the trend has been lost a little... but what it lacks in subtlety, it compensates for in sheer size.

Heck, it doesn't even have to be any sort of prop weapon at all. Instead, you could simply show off a tattoo you got years ago, before #WWgotyourback was cool, like the psychic/trendsetter you are. Bow down.

As usual, the next generation of women are on board with this trend and dominating it. How will we ever keep up with Generation Z? Extra snaps for the contrast between the vast weapon and the tiny child, even more snaps for the elegant updo. Again, the weapon is unlikely to pass unnoticed at a formal occasion, but the high necked cut of the dress makes this a valiant effort.

But this trend is even more impressive when you see it in action. There's nothing I'm rooting for more as a look for summer 2017 than someone looking bright and retro in a flowery dress and then suddenly revealing a replica tomahawk from beneath their clothing.

Though let's stress that: replica tomahawk. Yes, this look only works with prop weapons, because, let's be real, actual violence is deplorable. So make sure you hit your local costume shop soon and stock up on the one thing you need this summer — a prop weapon to conceal down your back, just like Wonder Woman would do.