You Can Buy Your Dog Trump & Theresa May Chew Toys, Because Politics Bites Sometimes

by Aoife Hanna

Don't you just feel like there is zero good press about politics these days? I mean seriously, it's like adding insult to injury on a global scale. Just when you thought one had said enough dumb stuff in parliament, then, owing to time difference, the other one logs onto Twitter and lets loose. Now imagine you could let your pooch express your frustration with these political twits. Well this new dog toy company has politician dog toys so your doggy can get its chew on.

Dogs have long been praised as being dead good at cheering people up. Oh their little waggly tails! As if you thought you could love them more, now they are putting the world to rights and chowing down on any number of politicians who don't float your boat.

Prezzybox is the company selling the range, which is called Pet Hate Toys. The toys feature the faces of world leaders and political figures. These figures lie both sides of the fence, but the selection available is most definitely leaning to the right side of the political spectrum. Which is low key fine because as if your dog is right wing.

OK y'all so the options are Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump, and Boris Johnson. Quite the selection. Sad not to see Nigel Farage, but he is also probably sad not to have the attention too. At £16.99 each they are not cheap, but they are definitely unique.

Each toy is made from a poly-canvas outer fabric shell, and they're stuffed with polyester fibres. Two squeakers are also sewn into pockets — one in the head and one in the tummy of each politician. It is not heavy duty, so it might not be ideal if your dog is a bit of a toy-destroyer. However, those hidden squeakers in the toy are ready in case your dog overhears Radio 4's morning show and wilds out on one of the little tyrants.

Not only is each toy an effigy but comes along with a pretty hilarious little blurb that you can read to your dog/family members to explain your political views in a considerably more digestible way. Say for example, our very own homegrown "oh god not again what is she doing", Theresa May.


Even the staunchest anti-P.M. peeps will go wild for her little leopard shoes. The site says it all, embracing her most famous quotes.

"Marvel at Theresa’s pained expression - she won’t be ‘Strong and Stable’ for long…"

Yikes. That almost sounds a bit too menacing. But what about her former enemy, then BFF, then enemy again (can you keep up? Nope me neither) Boris Johnson. Who abseiled his way from comedy politician to become (shudder) a potential favourite to run this poor country. (Gulps water, then orders three).

"Proudly sporting a mop of blond hair this is unmistakably Boris Johnson"

Well he will probably get all gobbled up and blame Theresa May anyhow. Donald Trump obviously got a shout out from the Pet Hates range. I mean how could you not. Describing itself as a "superb likeness of the Orange One himself," this little Cheeto coloured guy is unmistakeable.


Last but absolutely not least is Jeremy Corbyn, whose more chill style of politics really has set some people off in recent times.

"If you’re no fan of Jeremy Corbyn's new style of gentler politics and hurling insults at the TV isn’t doing it for you any more, why not throw him to the dogs?"

Poor bearded Jeremy looks a bit too chewable and may or may not become your dog's favourite new toy. No matter what your feelings are about the current political climate, seeing your dog wild out on a chew toy should cheer you up.

Buy your Pet Hates toy here