Prosecco, Champagne, And Rosé Pops, Oh My!

After a winter that seemed to last and last and last (and last), humanity has been gearing up for what already promises to be one hell of a summer. Between the introduction of rosé forties, the magic of rose gold glitter prosecco, and the promise of new themed drinks at Starbucks on the horizon, your thirst is about to get quenched AF. And just in case none of the above was enough to rev up your summer engine, behold yourself the glory of these prosecco, rose, and champagne popsicles, fittingly dubbed POPS.

These are not only the culmination of your dizziest Instagrammable daydream, but, dare I say, the answer to all of your prayers. The POPs are like delicious push pops of flavored ice that you had when you were a kid, except that they are

  1. Way classier looking,
  2. Actually taste like something worthy of your taste buds, and

While the internet is freaking out over the prosecco, rosé, and champagne flavors, the truth is that the British-based company makes far more flavors than just that. In addition to a Moscow Mule flavor and Watermelon Martini, they make non-alcoholic POPS like chilly mango, apple and elderflower, and strawberry and mint.

"But what is the catch??" you are no doubt wondering. Because face it, mes amies — when it comes to 'grammable alcohol, there almost always is one. In this case, the catch is that it's only available right now in the U.K. and Australia. Looks like we're all just going to have to stick with pouring alcohol and ice into a blender in the meantime and hope for the best.

If you are in the market for an alternative while we wait for POPS to cross the Atlantic, Bar Primi in New York made a Facebook video last year that makes it very easy to imitate their famous frosé drink that took Instagram by storm last year.

And if all else fails, take a page from Loopy Doopy's book and recreate your own 'grammable alcoholic pops from the comfort of your own apartment bed. All you need is a perilously tall glass of wine, the popsicle of your choice, and the ability to make the tough decisions re: Instagram filters.

No matter how you choose to get your rosé on this summer, this much is evident: the 'grams are going to be stunners, and the summer dranks of 2017 will live a beautiful internet life much longer than our own.