These 'Psych: The Movie' Spoilers From The Cast Hint At A Shocking Premiere

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When Psych went off the air in 2014, it was well before the reboot and revival era where nothing ends for good. At the time, creator Steve Franks thought he was wrapping the show up forever. In 2017, though, anything can come back and that's how fans find themselves looking forward the Psych movie premiere on Dec. 7 on USA at 8 p.m. ET. But, that's still an agonizing wait, so to tide you all over until the big day, I spoke to some of the cast and crew at New York Comic Con and gathered some Psych movie spoilers for you all.

Of course, Maggie Lawson (Juliet), James Roday (Shawn), and Kirsten Nelson (Chief Vick) couldn't give too much away. So, they agreed to give hints in the form of emoji spoilers to let fans do a bit of the guesswork themselves. And, viewers have every right to get excited about what's to come based on my chats with the cast and crew.

Creator Steve Franks says he initially worried about what coming back would mean for the work he did in the series finale, saying, "When we wrapped it up I felt like we had the right amount of closure and everything was buttoned up in exactly the right way. Then it's like, 'We're doing a movie,' and I was like, 'Fantastic!' [Then] I go, 'Oh my god, we have to unbutton everything that we did.'" Fortunately, Franks ultimately decided that undoing everything in the finale wasn't the way to go (which is good, because as a fan I liked the finale). Instead, he says, "The answer turned out to me to be like ... let's pick it up right where we left off."

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Of course, it's not exactly where the show left off, because three years have passed in the fictional world and in real life. Producer Chris Henze says this is a good thing because "it seemed like there was so much more fun to be had with, 'What if we picked up three years later, so we can have fun with those stories? We can fill in those gaps for people.'"

Still, Franks promises, "Everything you saw in that final episode ... everything you saw in the pilot, that all matters," he says. "There are so many inside references, people are going to need to watch this movie 75 times."

But, while you wait to watch (and re-watch), check out the emoji spoilers from the cast below and try to guess what it all means.

Maggie Lawson


Lawson plays Detective Juliet O'Hara and says she chose the high heel "because that reminds me of my character, because I'm always running in heels." She didn't offer an explanation for the other three emojis, but it's pretty easy to figure out that the pineapple stands for the show itself and its infamous hidden pineapples. The happy face and the clapping emojis seem to connote that audiences will be happy with what the movie has to offer, which is certainly good news.

James Roday

Apple; Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's very Shawn-esque for Roday to make up his own emojis, which is exactly what he did when he listed "the Zac Levi emoji" as one of his choices. Levi is set to play the movie's villain, so that emoji does make sense. Also, Apple should probably get on creating a real Levi emoji ASAP. As for the other ones Roday chose, the Santa is pretty obvious: It's a Christmas-themed special. The fortune cookie could connote the Psych office's relocation to San Francisco's Chinatown. The thinking face may signal that fans will have to figure out some clues or be on the lookout for references (and hidden pineapples) when they watch. The bicep is really throwing me, but I suppose all will be revealed soon.

Kirsten Nelson


Nelson's Karen Vick is due for a little more backstory in the movie, which will excite longtime fans of the show who never really got a chance to know Vick outside the police station. As for her emojis, Nelson said she "literally played the entire script in [her] head" to choose these. (She also warned that she left some important ones out, because she couldn't give everything away.) Still, hers is a pretty complete list, and could reveal a lot. The green heart may stand for the show's signature color and the love of fans that helped bring it back. Clearly fans are going to be shocked, and someone may die???? Some of it is set on a boat (the clip they showed at Comic Con included a bit of this), or it could signal Shawn's dad, since he's a master boatman. I'd also like to think that ending on a sun means that fans will be happy with however the movie ends. It's not known yet what that ending will entail, but Henze elaborated a bit at Comic Con.

He hints that no matter what happens (especially between Shawn and Jules), fans will always be left wanting more. "I feel like that's a fan thing ... If [Shawn and Jules] are broken up and they get back together in the movie, then it still won't be enough because [fans will] want more. If they are together, but not living together, and they move in together at the end of the movie, [fans will] still want a wedding. If there's a wedding, then [fans will] want children — little baby psychs." He continues, "I feel like we're always going to have something that [fans] want, but I will say that Shawn and Juliet are doing well and are happy and are together in the movie. Their relationship does make a progression."

He couldn't spill much more than that, but here's hoping Nelson's sun was a sign of good times ahead for Shawn and Jules and all the characters. After waiting so long for the show to get its own revival, a happy ending is the least loyal fans deserve.