These Rey & Kylo Theories For 'Episode 9' Will Freak Star Wars Fans Out

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Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you didn't 'ship Kylo Ren and Rey before Star Wars: The Last Jedi, well, then, you probably don't ship them after. That aside, though, if The Last Jedi sparked anything, it's all the Rey and Kylo Ren theories for Star Wars: Episode 9. The relationship between the duo has been intriguing from the start, but in The Last Jedi, things between the two Force-wielding youngsters only got more complex and interesting. The connection between Rey and Kylo Ren is undeniable, and many fans are wondering what is going to happen between the pair in Episode IX.

Kylo and Rey were originally introduced as two opposites of the Force. At their most basic reading, they represent the Dark and the Light, respectively. But they are also intrigued by one another. Kylo recognizes a power in Rey that she doesn't even know she possesses in TFA, and in The Last Jedi, their shared skills continue to be explored. As Rey goes stronger with the Force, she discovers a kind of psychic connection with Kylo. The Force is drawing them together, allowing them to have conversations without physically being able to harm one another (he can't use the Force on her to find Luke Skywalker and she can't shoot him with her blaster). The Force, as Kylo says, is bringing them together, but why?

Rey and Kylo's connection grows throughout The Last Jedi until they finally extend their hands to one another and touch through their psychic link. Upon touching him, Rey is convinced that she sees Kylo's future. Kylo's allegiance to Supreme Leader Snoke and the Dark side is not set, she says. There is good in him, and she intends to find it. Later, Kylo tells Rey that he saw her turning to the Dark side — perhaps they both see the potential for good and bad in each other, confirming the need for balance in the Force. At the end of The Last Jedi, Kylo and Rey are firmly on opposite sides: Kylo on the Dark, Rey on the Light. And there are a few theories as to how this could effect Rey and Kylo Ren's relationship in Episode IX.

They'll Repeat The Sins Of The Past

The end of The Last Jedi seemed to solidify Rey and Kylo's positions as the new Luke and Darth Vader, respectively. It's possible that Episode IX will harken back to the classic Light vs. Dark battle of the original trilogy. This, however, seems almost too easy. Kylo might look like he's made his final decision to go Dark, but he's clearly still conflicted, and Rey isn't one to give up easily. If she still thinks Kylo can be saved, then she'll try to save him.

Rey Brings Kylo To The Light

Rey shuts the door on Kylo at the end of The Last Jedi, but that doesn't necessarily mean she thinks he's gone for good. At this point, it looks like she's the only thing that could bring him back to the Light, so if Kylo is going to find redemption in Episode IX, it's going to be through Rey.

Rey Kills Kylo

If Kylo truly is evil once and for all, then it's clear that there's only one way for Episode IX to end: Kylo Ren must die. In The Last Jedi, Snoke says that Rey has risen with the Force to counteract Kylo's power. As Kylo has grown more powerful with the Dark Side, the Force has balanced his power through Rey, pulling her to the Light. If Snoke is right, then Rey is the only person strong enough to match Kylo and potentially beat him in battle. It would be sad to see Rey have to kill Kylo to defeat the First Order, especially after she had such strong faith that he could be turned, but it might be the only way.

Rey And Kylo Are Related

The Kylo and Rey are related theory might've been quashed in The Last Jedi when Kylo tells Rey that she knows who her parents were, she has just buried the truth because it's too painful. According to Kylo, her parents were nobodies who sold her on Jakku for drinking money. They weren't Skywalkers or Solos or Palpatines — they were nobody. However, just because Kylo says it with authority and Rey accepts it as truth doesn't mean this detail will stay cannon for long. The connection between Kylo and Rey in The Last Jedi was frequently juxtaposed with Luke's connection to Leia, his twin and fellow Force-sensitive soul. The parallels between Luke's psychic connection to Leia and Kylo's to Rey are undeniable, perhaps even hinting at a major family plot twist in Episode IX.

They're Gonna Bone

Yes, you read that correctly. If Kylo and Rey's connection isn't a blood relation, then it's certainly an attraction. Sex tends to be minimal in space, but, who knows, Rey and Kylo could be just the couple to break the onscreen dry spell. Granted, this seems extremely unlikely, but you never know with Star Wars.

It's clear that whatever is really going on between Kylo and Rey, it's not over. And fans will have to wait until Episode IX to really get answers.