Why Rose & Finn Will Be Your New Star Wars Obsession

Walt Disney Studios

Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi ahead. The newest Star Wars film splits all of your favorite characters up on side missions. Rey is off demanding answers from Luke Skywalker and passing secret Force notes with Ben Solo. Meanwhile, Poe Dameron stages a freakin' space mutiny and Finn discovers a whole new corner of the galaxy with the series' latest hero, Rose. Who knows what will happen next?! While you're debating what's going to come our way in Episode IX, the theories about Finn and Rose in The Last Jedi may bring the most hope to the galaxy — and maybe put a wrinkle in your favorite 'ship.

The two meet while Finn is being very unlike a Resistance hero, and running off to find Rey. With the help of a taser, Rose convinces him to stay with the cause, and they soon go off on a secret mission. Are they destined to be romantic partners as well? That's one theory. They do smooch at the end of the movie. "That's how we're gonna win," Rose says to Finn after saving his life by putting herself at risk to ruin his suicide mission, "not fighting what we hate, saving what we love."

She then gives him a peck on the lips — that's the best way to describe the kiss, really. It's not overtly passionate in the moment. It's sweet. The middle of a battle, yards away from First Order AT-AT fighters is hardly the time for romantic overtures and/or making out. That said, this could easily be the epic love story of the new trilogy. Finn and Rose are very cute together, they make a good team, and they got to know each other during their side mission.

In The Force Awakens, Finn basically fell in love with everyone he met. Fans 'shipped him with both Rey and Poe. In Jedi, the latter is a bit suspicious, if not jealous, of Rose at first. There's also a tinge of sadness felt when Rey returns, sees Finn caring for Rose, and realizes he's grown close to someone else in her absence. If you look at them as a trio, then Rey is the stand-in for Luke, and Rose and Finn are the new Han and Leia. It makes sense that these two secondary characters are the ones to find love.

However, there's also Kylo Ren/Ben Solo as a (somewhat cringeworthy but here we are) romantic interest for Rey. The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi are kind of either a Star Wars fan's 'shipping dream or nightmare. It's not nearly as cut and dry as the original films, or even the prequel trilogy. There are way too many romantic possibilities.

In a recent interview with GQ, Adam Driver seemingly let slip something about Rey's origin, but perhaps he was referring to Rose. "You have," the actor said, "the hidden identity of this princess who's hiding who she really is so she can survive and Kylo Ren and her hiding behind these artifices." In light of The Last Jedi, that comment seems like nonsense. Is it a metaphor, a red herring, or not about Rey at all? Maybe Rose doesn't have the tragic backstory she told Finn. Maybe she grew up as rich and spoiled as the people in that casino she hates. That's certainly a big chip to carry on your shoulder.

At the very least, Rose and Finn are going to help rebuild the resistance. That's more of a fact than a theory, considering the state of the good side at the end of the film, but it is interesting to see how these characters fit into the archetypes that the Star Wars universe has established. Is Rose the new Lando, a friend who joins the original heroes a bit late? Whatever happens with Rose and Finn, they make a good team in The Last Jedi. She also helps Finn find his place in this story. He's not the guy who runs away. He's always meant to be rebel scum.