'The Last Jedi' Just Gave Star Wars Fans Just The Most Adorable New 'Ship

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. When most of us think about romance in the Star Wars movies, really only one couple comes to mind: Han and Leia. The duo, portrayed by Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, are not only the most iconic pair from the series, but one of the most memorable and popular couples in movie history. While no relationship in the Star Wars universe will ever beat Han and Leia's, there are a few new pairings intriguing fans: namely, that between two characters in The Last Jedi. Finn really loves Rose, it seems, and the duo might just become Star Wars' fans new favorite couple to 'ship.

All throughout The Last Jedi, Finn and Rose are paired together, having met early on when Finn tries to escape the Resistance ship and Rose, a maintenance worker on said ship, stops him in his tracks. They form an immediate bond, after discovering that their combined knowledge of ships and weapons technology leads them to come up with a way to stop The First Order from tracking the rebels. So, they spend the remainder of the movie traveling and fighting alongside each other, developing a close friendship — and possibly more.

In an intense scene towards the end of the movie, Finn decides to sacrifice himself in order to help his fellow Rebels win and majorly hurt the First Order. But at the last second, Rose uses her own ship to stop Finn's from crashing into the enemy, and saves her friend's life. When a stunned Finn asks a badly injured Rose why she would do such a thing, she tells him, "that's how we're gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love." And then the duo kiss — a moment before Rose passes out, in need of major medical assistance.

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Soon after, Finn gets Rose to safety and makes sure that she's going to be OK despite her injuries. It's clear that he cares a lot for her, and that the feeling is mutual. Once Rose recovers (come on, you know she will), you can bet that she and Finn will explore their romance further, and perhaps turn into a fully-fledged couple.

The new Star Wars romance would be a great addition to the franchise, as the recent movies have been, overall, lacking in the sparks department. Sure, Han and Leia's bond was still present in The Force Awakens, but except for some minor flirtations, most of the characters in that movie and The Last Jedi don't really have romantic interests or show public displays of affection. Finn and Rose could just be the couple the Star Wars universe needs.

The only downside to their pairing? All hopes for Finn and Poe to be a couple are probably not going to turn into reality anytime soon, if ever. It looks like that 'ship will have to stay in fans' hearts for now, especially because towards the end of The Last Jedi, Poe and Rey share a brief but intriguing moment where they introduce themselves to each other and share some sexual tension.

So get excited for Star Wars: Episode IX, you guys, because not only will we probably get to see more love shared between Finn and Rose, but we might also get to see a relationship form between Poe and Rey. Once again, romance and Star Wars will go hand-in-hand, and that honestly couldn't be better news. Bring on the Star Wars love!