These Scented Temporary Tats Are Next Level Chic

Temporary tattoos have grown up some since our Looney-Tunes and Mickey-Mouse-wearing days. Where we once got them out of quarter machines by grocery stores, now we get them at beauty stores and online boutiques. But while our temp-tattoo game is still strong decades later, these new scented tattoos are going to take your body art dabbling into a whole other level.

Whether you're sporting some temporary ink for a musical festival (like last year's metallic tattoo obsession,) or are just sporting some beautiful body illustrations for the fun of it, Tattly Designs are right now trending for their scented varieties. Not only will you be able to show off a sleeve of roses from underneath your dress, but those blooms will actually smell like roses as you pass by!

"Much like scratch-and-sniff stickers, scented temporary tattoos are made with a safe and nontoxic ink that is infused with various pleasant scents," PopSugar reported. Just like another '90s blast from the past, these tats work much like those scratch-and-sniff stickers or those scented markers that would smell like blueberries or bubblegum. So not only do you get a fun design you can work with, but you can experience a touch of nostalgia with the whole experience.

Rosemary By Vincent Jeannerot, $6, Tattly

Right now the brand offers 15 different scented options in a bevvy of different designs, which can work with a variety of styles and aesthetics. You can choose between natural and earthy scents, where you can scroll through their selection of herbs like sage, rosemary, and thyme. The sprigs are delicate and minimalist, and judging by the product photos, would look amazing when pressed onto a shoulder blade, the back of an arm, or wrapped around a wrist.

Perennial Set, $18, Tattly

If you can't decide which herb to make yours, there's also a bouquet set which will let you buy them all in a bundle. If you don't really like the organic scents, there are still other fragrance options to test drive. There's an arm candy set that's supposed to smell as sweet as your favorite rock candy, as well as a blooming garden set.

For the floral one, you can choose between blooms like Blue Hydrangea and Pink Peonies, and it would look super pretty if you bought a few and made a sleeve full of bouquets. Whatever you decide, your summer sleeveless game is going to rock this year!