These 'Star Wars Episode 8' Theories Are Inspired By 'Rogue One's Biggest Reveals

Walt Disney Studios/Lucasfilm

Let's be honest: a new Star Wars prequel to Episode IV — A New Hope was never really going to tell us all that much about the upcoming Episode VIII. As a standalone film, Rogue One's ending didn't leave much in ways of cliffhangers or riddles to be solved. Not to mention the fact that it takes place a good 30-odd years before The Force Awakens. However, that doesn't mean that Rogue One didn't give us some potential clues about Episode VIII. And, here to dissect it all are four major Star Wars Episode 8 theories inspired by Rogue One's biggest reveals.

Rogue One, about a group of Rebels who lead a charge to steal the plans to the Death Star, was billed as the first in a series of Star Wars anthology films — ones that would add to the franchise without detracting from the main trilogies. But despite the fact that Rogue One won't have a traditional sequel (A New Hope already fills that spot), the film will likely have important consequences on Episode VIII. At the very least, it will provide fans with a greater understanding of the fight for the galaxy and how the past war between the Empire and the Rebellion informs the current one taking place in the new trilogy. That said, here are four of the most popular Episode VIII theories inspired by Rogue One.

1. Mon Mothma Is Rey's Mother


Rogue One puts to rest one surprisingly popular theory: that Jyn Erso is Rey's mother. Seeing as how — spoiler alert — Jyn dies at the end of Rogue One, this theory has been proven false. On the surface, this doesn't do much to determine the plot of Episode VIII. However, Jyn's death actually gives room for other theories on Rey's parentage. One of the most popular is that Mon Mothma, featured in a few scenes in Rogue One, is Rey's biological mother.

2. Darth Vader Castle Is A Huge Deal


Rogue One provided a surprising insight into the life of Darth Vader: the Vader castle. In Rogue One, Vader is shown walking around a huge, dark castle, presumably the Vader castle never before seen on the big screen. A report by International Business Times supposes that the castle could feature in Episode VIII, specifically as it relates to Kylo Ren. Fans will remember that Kylo Ren, the villain of The Force Awakens, is obsessed with Darth Vader and ended TFA going to see Supreme Leader Snoke to finish his training in, one assumes, the dark side of the Force.

3. Supreme Leader Snoke Is Present


People have been theorizing about the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke since he made his debut in The Force Awakens, and some eagle-eyed viewers say they saw a few clues in Rogue One. One particularly curious theory is that Snoke was a follower of Darth Vader briefly spotted in Rogue One, during the scene when Darth Vader is coming out of his bacta tank. In the scene, a cloaked man enters the room to get him and bows down in front of the tank, calls him "my lord" and, as one Redditor theorized via Popsugar, could in fact be Supreme Leader Snoke. This sounds like a bit of a reach, but, hey, you never know.

4. Princess Leia Is A Major Player In The Rebellion


Princess Leia is briefly shown in Rogue One receiving the plans to the Death Star after the Battle of Scarif, and, as we know from TFA, General Leia is a key player in the current Rebellion against Snoke. Perhaps in Episode VIII, we'll finally get to learn more about Leia's involvement in the Rebellion before she was captured by Vader in A New Hope, and how she got her role as General Leia in the war against Snoke.

Rogue One could tie to Episode VIII a lot, or barely at all, but whatever the case may be, it's safe to say fans will be ready.