11 Hilarious Trump Executive Order Memes

by Natasha Guzmán
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The internet did it again. After the now-suspended travel ban was implemented on people trying to enter the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries, several meme generators spoofing Trump's executive orders started circulating on social media. The site allows visitors to type in something they'd like to outlaw, and with a click, a GIF of the president holding up an executive order reading "[Your Typed Term] Is Now Illegal." Another generator hosted on Github lets users type in as much text as will fit into the picture of a blank executive order held by Trump. Both tools have been bringing the laughs to those who need a laugh for days.

Some chose to use the generator to ban things they themselves wish were gone, like Trump's face, Internet Explorer, school, Wordpress, Nickelback, Trump's travel ban, Mondays, Crocs, and Trump himself. Others chose to make their bans reflect the president's own wishes by outlawing big hands and obligating the New York Times and CNN to apologize to him.

A lot of these memes are spookily accurate, though. Even as jokes, they're not that far off from what the Trump administration seems to be going for. If you try to make some on your own, you'll be surprised how many of the outlandish ones hit close to home. See for yourself...

1. Not As Fun As The Real Song

You can't ruin a classic song like this.

2. In An Alternative Facts Era...

Especially with a president who believes debunked conspiracy theories more than credible intelligence agencies.

3. Research Won't Do

He did put the Environmental Protection Agency under a gag order, after all.

4. Watch Out, Judges

Given how much respect he has for federal judges, this is probably not that far off from something he'd like to sign.

5. Watch Out

This is how half the country's been feeling since he took office.

6. They're Just Rigged Anyway

In response to his low approval ratings, Trump declared the polls conducting the research to be "rigged" and "phony."

7. Alec Baldwin Better Get Ready

Every new Trump skit on Saturday Night Live summons to the president to Twitter for a brand new rant. Would anyone be surprised to find this at the top of his upcoming executive orders list?

8. :(

It does sometimes feel like this is the new administration's mission.

9. Thin-Skinned

His election opponents didn't call him thin-skinned a thousand times for no reason.

10. Where's The Lie?

None spotted.

11. The Only One We're Waiting For

This would be the end of a nightmare to so many people.

If you're looking for a way to kill time, these generators are definitely some top-notch choices.