These Tweets About Doug Jones Winning In Alabama Will Give You All The Feels

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In what felt like one of the most intense and stressful senatorial elections in American history, Alabamians officially chose Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore. And Twitter users couldn't help but let out a collective sigh of relief. Hundreds of thousands of people turned to the social media platform to express their excitement and elation, reacting almost instantly to the Tuesday night announcement of Jones' victory against Moore.

The Republican party's Senate pick had been dogged by accusations of sexual harassment and assault against teenage girls while he was working as a district attorney in his 30s. Moore denied all allegations of sexual harassment against him and issued harsh descriptors such as calling the accusations a part of "dirty politics." He claimed that the allegations were a "ritual defamation" against him and said that the accusers' stories were "a sign of the immorality of our times."

With mounting criticism against him, many observers had taken to social media to express their deep disagreement with Moore and dismay over the fact that he was so close to becoming a senator. Now that the election is over, people seem relaxed and the biggest proof of that is the hashtag #DougJones on Twitter where users have shared cheers in all-caps, videos, and of course, gifs.


"Fully Crying"

"Thanks & Praise"

"I Love You All"

"A Lighter Heart"

Winners & Losers

"Alabama said NO!"

Get Shoutin'

A Historic Win

Thank You

Tears Of Joy & Relief

Seriously, Though, Tears

Couldn't Be More Proud

A Gift

There you have it, folks. People in Alabama and across the country are overjoyed about Jones' win — so much so that they're getting seriously emotional.