These Miss Universe 2017 Gowns Were Definitely The Fan Favorites

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Miss Universe 2017 is finally here, and millions of people around the world are watching right now. Whether or not you're a fan of pageants, there's one reason everyone should've tuned into this year's show: the outfits. Think of the stunning gown Miss Colombia wore at last year's pageant that had everyone talking. The pageant is so much more than what the contestants are wearing, but their jaw-dropping gowns definitely give us something to talk about each year. Without fail, seeing the evening gowns portion always makes me want to buy a formal dress, even though I have absolutely nowhere to wear something that nice. I wasn't alone — Twitter was obsessed with several of the gowns from Miss Universe 2017.

We got a preview of each contestant's sense of style during the preliminary competition on Nov. 25. Women from each country modeled stunning evening gowns, national costumes and bathing suits as they participated in the preliminary show. Miss USA Kára McCullough slayed us all in a one-shoulder gold sequined gown, and it got me even more excited for tonight's evening gown portion. There was even drama surrounding it all. Miss Miss Philippines, Rachel Peters, had pictures of her evening gown leaked earlier this week. With all of the excitement surrounding the pageant's formal portion, I knew tonight would be amazing, and it didn't disappoint. Twitter was full of fans who were obsessed with these gowns

Miss Philippines

You know a gown has to live up to hype when it's leaked ahead of time. Rachel Peters definitely managed to kill it in her gown, which Twitter was excited about before she even came on stage.

Once Peters took a strut down the stage, Twitter started to freak out, and I can't blame them. Her gown was to die for, and it's no surprise it was one of the favorites on social media.

Granted, Miss Philippines has a huge social media following partly because pageants are a huge deal in the country, so it makes sense everyone loved her so much. But it'd be silly to just wave off her popularity on social media because of her nation's love for pageants. She's seriously stunning, and it's surprising she didn't advance to the top five.

Miss Jamaica

With her hair in a natural hairstyle and a gown with a cape, Miss Jamaica killed it in this gown. Once I realized Davina Bennett was in the top 10, I immediately texted my mom, who was born in Jamaica — I knew she'd want to see her country represented, and Bennett definitely didn't disappoint. She is seriously stunning, and the yellow gown isn't something that most people could pull off. Regal is the first word that came to mind when I saw her on the stage.

Can you blame people for being shook? From the hair to the dress to the effortless confidence she exuded, Bennett was the definition of black girl magic during the pageant. I loved every minute of it.

Miss Thailand

I was mainly jealous when I saw Miss Thailand's evening gown, because I could never pull off the stunning dress she was wearing. It had a plunging neckline and screamed "drama," but in all the right ways. This is the dress you'd wear to an ex's funeral if you wanted to make sure everyone knew who really won in the end. I'm obsessed with Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren for wearing this, and Twitter is on the same page.

All of the gowns worn during Miss Universe 2017 were seriously stunning, but these three really stuck out to me and the rest of the Internet. Funnily enough, Miss South Africa's gown wasn't discussed very much, but I'm sure the new Miss Universe doesn't mind.