These Underwear Look Exactly Like Jeans

by Kali Borovic

Forget everything you thought you knew about denim, because it's about to get a bit confusing. Carrying on yet another unconventional pant trend, Naja,an eco-friendly lingerie brand,has created underwear that look like jeans. Or maybe it's denim that looks like underwear. Either way, these are not your average undies. The site even gives styling tips if you're looking to wear them out. Something tells me that grandma will not approve of this trend.

There have been a lot of unconventional denim trends floating around lately.Everything from TopShop'sClear Knee Mom Jeans to actual see-through pants have been created, but this time is a little different. Naja, a brand known for their eco-friendly,fair trade lingerie, has created underwear that look like denim. Called theDenim Short Cheeky Knicker Hipsters, the underwear has an elastic waistband, but a print that looks exactly like pants.

On the front, he underwear has a digitally printed patter of a zipper and front pockets of jeans. The back follows the same trend with two pockets on the back and a tag with the brand's name on it. Although this item is referred to as "knickers," they also reference them as Daisy Dukes in the product description. Just to clarify, the pants are made out of polyester, spandex, and cotton, according to the product info — NOT denim.

Denim Short Cheeky Knickers, $13,

Don't think this is just about breaking, er making, a fashion statement. Naja is known for their eco-friendly ways, and this item is no different.According to the product description, not only are the undies comfortable, but Naja had the pattern digitally printed in order "to save the planet."You can look stylish and save the world one pair of unconventional underwear at a time.

Seamless Denim Monarchy, $22,

The fun doesn't stop there, either. The brand also designed a seamless denim underwear option as well. While the classic jean-looking undies can be purchased on the Naja website, the double-sided pair is available on the Shop Spring website. Who knew there were so many possibilities when it comes to jean-inspired lingerie?

Denim Short Cheeky Knickers, $13,

What a time to be alive, my friends. While I don't recommend wearing these around in public, it is another unconventional jean trend to add to the collection.