These Unicorn Bath Bombs Are Magical

If we're being honest with ourselves, the unicorn obsession is not going to die down anytime soon. Heck, if we haven't gotten over it since we were 10, why would our twenties or thirties be any different? That's why Soap Cherie's unicorn bath bomb is going to make you want to throw up jazz hands — the product is pure magic.

Soap Cherie is a Brooklyn-based luxury bath store that specializes in "baked goods." Meaning when you first pass by their storefront window, you think you're looking at a fancy bakery rather than a skincare store. From soapy cupcakes to elaborate cheesecake slices masquerading as bars of soap, they have a super fun selection of lotions and gels that will pamper your skin. And this unicorn bath bomb is just the next amazing thing in their collection.

The bath treats are a pretty swirl of pink, blue, and white, made all the more dramatic when topped with a glittery gold unicorn horn. But they have more to offer you than just aesthetics.

"Not only are the colorful bath bombs (too) pretty to look at in—and out of—the tub, they're also made of natural and organic ingredients, like nourishing shea butter, which means when using, you should feel confident knowing you're soaking in a multi-color whirlpool of safe-for-your-skin ingredients," Allure reported.

They look good enough to eat! If you want to get one (or seven) of your own, you can either pop by their store in Williamsburg if you live near the area or shop them from their site,, for an affordable $5.95.

If you want to treat yourself to the whimsical but don't quite have the cash, then you could try to whip up a bomb yourself at home. Soap Cherie teamed up with Cosmopolitan to show you how you can make it in your own kitchen. Just put on an apron and follow their exact recipe to make a batch of your own — and then you can either use them all up yourself or gift them to your friends "just because."

Whatever you do one thing is for sure: These bath bombs will make any shower time way more fun.

Images: Soap Cherie (1)