You Need To See These Videos Of Gypsy Rose Blanchard If You're Riveted By 'The Act'

Brownie Harris/Hulu

Gypsy Rose Blanchard isn't just a character on Hulu's dramatized true crime series, The Act. She's a real person — one who is currently in prison for her admitted involvement in her mother Dee Dee's death. Real videos of Gypsy Rose Blanchard show that she's continued to maintain that she orchestrated the murder because she was desperate to escape Dee Dee, who she says raised her to believe she was disabled and chronically ill. They also illustrate how different Gypsy looks now that she is no longer under the care of her mother.

In 2015, Dee Dee Blanchard was found stabbed to death in her home, with Gypsy and her boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, nowhere to be found. According to ABC News, Gypsy and Godejohn were arrested less than two days later. Both Godejohn and Gypsy admitted to their roles in the killing, and are serving out their respective prison sentences. (Gypsy was sentenced to 10 years in 2016; Godejohn was sentenced to life in February.)

Since Dee Dee's death, Gypsy has given several onscreen interviews, and they're essential viewing for anyone who's watching The Act and wants to learn more about the true story that inspired the show.

In 2017, Gypsy appeared on Dr. Phil and spoke more about how Dee Dee allegedly took her to unnecessary doctor's appointments and forced her to use a wheelchair. When Dr. Phil asked if Gypsy was happy that Dee Dee was dead, however, she said no. "I'm happy I'm out of that situation," she said.

She also outlined the ways Dee Dee allegedly isolated her from the rest of the world. "My mother told the doctors that I was mentally incompetent. [She said I've] got the mind of like, a child," Gypsy continued. "She told me if I was to contact anybody and tell them, that she would take a hammer to my fingers. She'd taken handcuffs and a dog leash and tied it together, and tied me to the bed. I just don't understand how somebody could do this to their child."

In the above interview with ABC's 20/20, Gypsy appears on camera again, this time explaining how Dee Dee allegedly became jealous when she realized she was spending time talking to Godejohn. "[The subsequent fight involved] yelling, throwing things, calling me names — bitch, slut, whore," Gypsy claimed. When asked if she wanted Dee Dee dead at the time, Gypsy said yes, but "it was not because I hated her, it was because I wanted to escape her."

There are also lengthy videos on YouTube, like the one below, of Gypsy testifying at Godejohn's murder trial. Those might be prime viewing for those looking to understand Godejohn's side of the case, which isn't explored as deeply in The Act

Plus, these videos of Gypsy actually helped The Act star Joey King prepare for the role, so they may also help you to better understand her performance. "A lot of times I would watch her interviews and throw my headphones on, even if I was going to bed, and I would fall asleep listening to her voice," King told W magazine. "Before we started shooting, I really listened to every bit of material I could find of her speaking."

It's clear from watching the series that King did her research — the voice and mannerisms are eerily similar to the real-life Gypsy's. And as the events of The Act continue to ramp up, viewers who want to learn even more about the Blanchards' riveting story can watch the same footage that served as King's inspiration.