Vision Could Die In 'Avengers: Infinity War' & Here's Why

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As far as superheroes go in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Vision is by far the most mysterious. The Mind Stone-powered being is part artificial intelligence, part artificial man, and has more powers than Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor put together. And Vision is finally getting his due, with many fans speculating that he will play a crucial role in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. What exactly that role will be is being kept secret, but these three big Vision theories about Avengers: Infinity War might give fans some idea.

Vision was first created in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he's been flying around ominously ever since. In Captain America: Civil War, he joined Team Iron Man in signing the Sokovia Accords and even accidentally paralyzed War Machine in battle (no, it was not Falcon's fault). But in Infinity War, Vision might finally find himself in real peril at the hands of the villainous Thanos. Billed as Marvel's biggest and baddest villain, Thanos is crashing into Earth on the hunt for the six Infinity Stones, which would make him the most powerful being in any galaxy. And one of those stones, the Mind Stone, just happens to be making a home in Vision's head. Needless to say, given Thanos' quest and Vision's biology, fans are worried that Vision might meet his end in Infinity War. But, there are also plenty of other theories about what will happen to Vision in Infinity War.

1. Vision Will Die

The most popular theory about Vision right now is that he isn't going to make it out of Infinity War alive. The Mind Stone is the key that gave him life, so if Thanos rips it out of his forehead, it stands to reason that Vision would die. Moreover, in the Infinity War trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con, there is a shot that certainly looks like it shows Vision disintegrating. That said, nothing is set in stone, and Marvel is known for surprising audiences, so Vision's supposed death could just be an elaborate fake-out.

2. Vision Will Become Human

Assuming Thanos is successful in stealing the Mind Stone from Vision, that doesn't necessarily mean that he is going to die. There is so much unknown when it comes to the powers of the Infinity Stones, it's possible that Vision could have absorbed some of its power, or that the stone simply gave him consciousness, not life, which would mean Vision could survive without the stone. Some fans have suggested that a Vision without the Mind Stone would just be a human Vision. This theory is largely based on paparazzi images taken of actors Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany (Vision) on set.

Not only do these images confirm that the MCU is following in the footsteps of Marvel Comics when it comes to the romance between Scarlet Witch and Vision, they also appear to confirm that we will see Vision in his human form in Infinity War. Now, it's worth noting that Vision is a very highly powered being, and his human appearance could be another useful trick VIsion has picked up since Civil War. Perhaps his human appearance is simply a disguise, as theorized by tumblr user ibrielarson.

So, disguise or not, one thing is clear: fans will be getting a glimpse of Vision in human form in the film, even if it isn't permanent.

3. Vision Will Go Back To Jarvis

Another theory about what might happen to Vision without the Mind Stone, as posited on Reddit by user JakeM917, suggests that without the Mind Stone supplying him with an understanding of human emotion, Vision would revert back to his Jarvis mind. As Jarvis, who Iron Man fans will remember as the AI in all of Tony's computers and gadgets, Vision would operate like a computer, without any human emotions. Should Vision become an emotionless bot, it's reassuring to note that Jarvis was always intensely loyal to Iron Man. So, as long as Tony remains on the side fighting Thanos, Vision should stand by his side, with or without his empathy.

With so many details about Infinity War being kept secret, theories about what will happen to Vision and the rest of the Avengers in the movie have been relatively few. No doubt as we get closer to the film's May 2018 release date, we'll get more juicy theories.