This Coachella Flower Crown Is Made Of...

Flower crowns have been quite a popular festival accessory as of late, namely at California's favorite desert music fest Coachella. Crowns add a fairy-like touch to a festival outfit. But they're not really functional, unless, of course, they are cannabis flower crowns, which feature weeds buds that can be smoked. According to BuzzFeed, a limited amount of weed-adorned flower crowns from the Lowell Herb Co. will be sold exclusively at the Palm Springs Safe Access Dispensary.

BuzzFeed also reports that the crowns are a free bonus for medical marijuana patients that pre-order Lowell's Coachella Blend packs, which are $55, either online or for in-store pickup. The crown is valued at $60. So that's quite an added bang for your buck.

As Cosmo notes, you need to have a legit prescription in order to get the Coachella Blend Packs and the crown.

Granted, the cannabis crowns are so, so pretty to look at, especially since festival fashion and Coachella attendee clothes are almost as high profile as the actual artists taking the stage and performing.

The doobie flower crowns are indeed Instagram-worthy, but also functional. Of course anyone who nabs one of these crowns would need to handle them responsibly and legally.

And you thought Coachella Survival Packs were all about sunblock, water, lip balm, sunnies, and hair ties! Lowell Herb Co. is offering its specific and unique take on Coachella necessities. I mean, one can certainly wear the accessory and nothing more. But there are options.

Lowell Herb Co. certainly understands Coachella fashion trends with the flower crown. It is a lovely, dainty little strand and then some.