What To Wear To Coachella This Year

Another year, another April where I will be terribly Coachella-deprived. Though I will not get to experience an existential crisis seeing Allah-Las live, I can settle for the next best alternative: pretend I'm shopping for my Coachella wardrobe. Expect heavy doses of fringe, bare midriffs and metallic flash tats. Or two. Or six. So whether you'll be attending in spirit or jetsetting to Indio Valley, you'll have one vital question in mind: what to wear to Coachella 2017.

Though trends are everchanging, the sartorial landscape at Coachella seems to stay constant. Every year, the rotation of crochet bras and flare pants are common sight. Vanessa Hudgens (yet again) makes headlines at every fashion glossy. A celebrity figure dons something controversial. Fanny packs galore. Fedoras, bolo ties, retro sunnies. That being said, Coachella is essentially a melting pot of fast-fashion, thrifted '70s gems and bikini tops resurrected from the winter season.

Interestingly enough, I am finding that Coachella is transforming into more of fashion extravaganza than music festival. Designers are jumping to dress celebrities because, hello paparazzi — and retailers like H&M are dropping exclusive festival collections. As someone who is already prone to wearing fringe and bell bottoms on a daily (non-Coachella) basis, I cannot complain. The next natural step: secure a weekend pass to next year's festival.

1. Fanny Pack

Park Lane Leather Waist Bag, $46, ASOS

What Urban Dictionary once branded as a "social suicide" is now part of the mainstream. After all, no '90s revival is complete without the ever-so passé fanny pack. In the music festival realm, fanny packs are not only common, but essential. Ditch the clunky handbags and settle for practicality. Man purses, bum bags — whatever you call them — are handy for storing your stagehopping needs minus the actual baggage.

2. Bandana

Classic Frayed Bandana, $14, Free People

Ah, the bandana — always a Coachella staple. On the plus side, neck scarves are having a sartorial moment so there are plenty of designs to choose from, whether that be the classic paisley or an ethereal star print. Don't forget, this is the desert, and with that comes the inevitable dust storms, so shield yourself in style. Fashion meets function has never looked better.

3. Sneakers

Vans Old Skool Shoe, $60, Vans

As tempting as it is to go the sandal route and flaunt that fresh pedicure, just remember: this is a music festival and you'll be standing for eternity, amongst dirt, sand, grass and other mystery substances. Bulletproof wear is key, so that's where a trusty pair of kicks will get the job done. Wear with cut-offs and band tee and voilà, you've nailed Coachella Uniform #8.

4. Bralettes

Bordeaux Appliqué Bra, $108, For Love And Lemons

Sweltering desert temperatures call for one plan of action: abandon bras — specifically of the tight, skin-digging variety. The Coachella undergarment of choice is the life-saving bralette, and for good reason too. They provide coverage, comfort and best of all, can double as a crop top. It's a win-win for the festival gals.

5. Off The Shoulder Tops

Endless Rose Off The Shoulder Top, $106, Revolve

Alternative translation: no tanlines. Need I say more?

6. Flowy Fabrics

Winston White Bianca Romper, $143, Shop Planet Blue

Stick to light, airy fabrics to save a life. Cotton blends are your secret weapon to staying cool and refreshed before, during and post-jam sessions.

8. Rompers

Tularosa Balboa Playsuit, $125, Revolve

If denim shorts aren't cutting it for your Coachella wardrobe, then you best be embracing Plan B: The Romper. Perfect for the low-maintenance crowd, rompers require little to no effort to style. From bell sleeves to lace-up accents, there's bound to a holy grail romper out there for you.

9. High-Waisted Denim Shorts

One Teaspoon Bleu Creme Hawks, $116, One Teaspoon

If no one breaks out the high-waisted denim and flower crowns, did Coachella even happen? Jean cut-offs are essentially the Snapchat dog filter of festival fashion. Whether you go the distressed route or are team acid wash, count these babies as a must-have for its versatility.

10. Western Belts

Free People Kaya Studded Belt, $128, Free People

Buckle up accordingly with a Western-inspired belt (pro-tip: pairs best with high-waisted denim).

11. Coin Anklets

Raga Gypsy Coin Anklet, $25, ASOS

Leave no ankle bare this festival season. A coin anklet adds that subtle touch of bohemian goodness.

12. Lariat Necklaces

Ettika Layered Beaded Lariat Necklace, $55, Revolve

Believe it or not, other jewels exist beyond the prevailing choker. Meet the lariat necklace: AKA your secret layering weapon. Pile on the gems.

13. Tinted Sunglasses

Rainbow OPTX Indigo Heart Sunglasses, $30, Rainbow Optx

Colored sunnies tailored just for your chakras? Count me in. Awaken your third eye with indigo-hued frames or connect to the heart chakra with rose-pink specs.

Happy Coachillin'.