These Zodiac Signs Make The Best Friends, According To Astrology

Best friends are kind of like twins. You might be thinking of calling them when suddenly your phone rings and it's their face on the screen. This isn't some creepy occurrence, your bestie soulmate could be written in the stars — or, well, planets. If you have ever wondered what zodiac signs should be best friends, many astrologists have analyzed the planetary alignments that could explain some of your deepest bonds.

Compatability in astrology is often reserved for lovers of the romantic variety. But as every woman with a best friend knows, that kind of friendship is a relationship. And often, one of the deepest and most cherished. It was the series Sex and the City that made us ponder if our romantic partners are the people to have fun with and it is our best friends who are our actual soulmates. I'll raise a mimosa to that. My best friends have been my longest relationships and they're the ones I can count on to pick up the phone, no matter the time zone, in an era when everyone favors texting.

Of course, all of the zodiac signs have the potential to get along with everyone. Every friendship is unique, after all. But according to astrology there are some sun signs that play better with others.



Aries is as independent as they come. But no ram is an island. A Sagittarius offers you space in friendship, but also fuels your energy for adventure. You two can trek anywhere together, and not feel awkward in conversational lulls of silence. Sitting comfortably in silence is a true indicator of best friendship. This is the kind of friend you could share a bunk bed with in a studio apartment and still love each other.



You're probably pairing up in study groups or pulling up a seat to your Virgo best friend's desk when it's taxes season. You appreciate a well organized, practical person as you yourself have an affinity for filing cabinets. Beyond getting things done and checking off lists in a timely manner, Taurus and Virgo can share endless meals together. I wouldn't be surprised if you two have a shared foodie account or were the pair that brought the rainbow bagel into the spotlight.



There are basically two of you, Gemini. And so each gets a best friend because there's nothing wrong with a squad. Libra, scale and all, literally balances you out. Just as social as you are, they're your partner in pilates, cocktail hour and always down to book that last minute vacation deal that you just recovered from your junk e-mail folder.

For the other side of you that enjoys talking until 3 a.m. about headlines and culture, Aquarius revels in the intellect with you. With an Aquarius you might not need the whole party. Just a couch, a bottle of natural wine, and some conversational prompts.



Two emotionally intense signs of the zodiac might make you think to proceed with caution, but in this case it's quite the contrary. When Cancers and Scorpios unite, the feeling is mutual. You agree on everything and it's backed up with some serious feelings. Conversations are energized with passionate opinions that are typically shared.

This is the kind of best friend who brings pints of your favorite ice cream over and a four pack of kleenex tissues for a single viewing of classic rom-coms when the Tinder date ghosted again. You don't have to mask any emotions, wear it all — maybe snot literally — on your sleeve.



Is it possible to hog the spotlight? No, with your Leo sister/BFF this is some serious girls supporting girls action. Your Galentine's Day together is all about pushing the other into the adoring spotlight. And just because you two are vibrant, warm people you both understand that there's complexity to your human condition. Like, sometimes you get self conscious. And maybe you don't want to showcase that to your Instagram followers. But your Leo bestie understands the contradiction of light and dark, doesn't judge and works effortlessly to get you back to feeling your best when you need it most.



If you're looking to find a partner to enter a business venture with you, look no further than your Capricorn BFF. The most organized of the zodiac is also one of the hardest workers you know. Which is great because you both understand each other's over time hours at the office. Your energies combined could bring the world some quality products. But forget about us, you two are probably attached at the hip shopping for office supplies right now. I would personally like to be invited to your shared Pinterest boards just to gawk at the artful color coding you put together for your first apartment's interior decor.



You most likely met your Aquarius counter part at basketball practice after work. The two of you tend to flock towards social gatherings and aren't afraid to sign up for an event, service, team or any other kind of opportunity that gets you out of the house. But what's best about this friendship is that as in tune with each other you are in the social wild, your core values of friendship and family keep things balanced. As fun as it can be to take over a dance floor, it's just as fun to order in Chinese food and discuss the latest book you both read.



For the kind of person who has intense emotions when returning from a first Bumble date, a Pisces could keep your wedding venue google history search to a minimum. There's no judgment, and yes, girl, that long sleeve A-line would look stunning on you, but Pisces is the kind of counterpart who is perfect to dial back the extreme passion Scorpios sometimes possess. You two never hold anything emotional against each other and encourage the other to live their greatest, emotional truth. No matter how scary that can be. Your Pisces bestie is always in your court.



Sagittarius needs a partner in adventure. Someone to bring endless inside jokes to the grueling hike. Someone to indulge in two hundred selfies with at the peak that overlooks the blazing foliage that really brings out the green in your eyes. If you're scanning through your contacts looking for that one friend it's probably your Leo pal you land on every time. While you pack the snacks and first aid kit, Leo has the stories that will keep you laughing over the hours you can easily spend with each other.



Your Taurus best friend might be the first handle to pop up on your Instagram suggested search. Thelma and Louise are the spirit BFFs to the the Capricorn and Taurus duo. While Capricorns strategize a plan of action for the two of you to be on the next season of The Bachelor, Taurus is the ride or die bestie who is down to carry the plan out so that one of you can be the next Bachelorette.



You view conversation much like an engaging tennis match. Gripping, back and forth action that keeps you on your toes. Thankfully, you have your Gemini best friend standing by their phone at all hours to converse with wherever they are. Aquarius craves an intellectual connection and Geminis are reading twelve books at once. There's no shortage of conversation or topic and if you two didn't spearhead a school paper in high school, perhaps there's a podcast in your future.



Your Cancer best friend is most likely your gallery hopping buddy. This friendship isn't vapid or shallow in the least bit. Pisces and Cancers are both deeply sympathetic people, with a keen awareness of their and other people's emotions. If one of you is going through something, the other one feels it. Even though you're not twins. And then swiftly rounds up the comfort foods and comedy specials to bring to the one of you in need. This is your rock, your best friend, the one you can cry your face salty in front of without fear of judgement. Everyone needs a friendship like this one.