This New 'Star Wars' Clothing Line Is A Professional Millennial's Dream Come True


Don't you just hate it when you have to fight off the Imperial Forces, but have an important meeting right after, all in a galaxy far, far away? You're not the only one — and now, your problems are washed away, thanks to ThinkGeek's Star Wars collection in collaboration with Her Universe.

Where ThinkGeek's Star Wars collection differs from other merch is that it's actually wearable. Only real fans can recognize the Star Wars aspects of it rather than the clothing being bombarded with logos and text. Small, cute little prints on perfectly tailored pieces make up this fun, yet totally functional collection.

ThinkGeek teamed up with Ashley Eckstein, designer and voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. According to the ThinkGeek website, their "aim with these pieces was to give the Star Wars universe a fitting place in the work wardrobes of fangirls everywhere. These looks are understated — appropriate attire for a data entry temp or a senator. Some fashion’s all about the brand logos. We choose to make ours Empire or Rebel."

With a mix of blouses, blazers, tunics, infinity scarves, and even yes — leggings — this line has practically everything you need for work. And though they're all polished, the pieces are equal parts playful, too.


Star Wars Ships Ladies' Blouse, $39.99, ThinkGeek

The black trimming makes this blouse super put together.


Star Wars Symbols Ladies' Blazer, $59.99, ThinkGeek

Could there be a cuter lining?


Rebel Alliance Print Infinity Scarf, $24.99, ThinkGeek

A pop of color never hurts.


Star Wars Faces of Vader Leggings, $29.99, ThinkGeek

These are perfect for brunch.


Star Wars Symbols Collared Tank Tunic, $29.99, ThinkGeek

From far away, you wouldn't even be able to tell this is Star Wars-themed.


R2-D2 Print Ladies' Tank Dress, $44.99, ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek takes this collection one step further by making it size-inclusive, too, with sizes ranging from XS to 3X. And what's more — the line is affordable, too! Starting at $24 and going up to $60.

So whether you're about to kick butt in a work meeting, a quick lunch with your friends, or are even heading to the bar, these pieces can take you to any place, day or night, seamlessly. What's better than a wardrobe you can wear to pretty much anything?

This isn't ThinkGeek's only awesome collection. They've got Super Mario-themed products, as well as Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. It's a playground for, well, geeks (in the best way!). Star Wars fans, this collection is about to up your wardrobe game.