Behold The Glory Of This 101-Cheese Pizza

by Mia Mercado

Do you ever see a cheese pizza and think, “You’re great, but there’s just something missing”? Well, you’re right. The thing that’s missing is significantly more cheese as evidenced by this pizza with 101 different cheeses on it. There's just one piece of bad news: You probably won't be able to get it anymore.

Portland pizza shop Scottie’s Pizza Parlor created what they have called the Centouno Formaggio, which is Italian for “literally all the cheese.” Their take on the classic cheese pizza is topped with 101 different kinds of cheeses including whole milk mozzarella, Monterey Jack, gruyere, muenster, mascarpone, and literally 96 other kinds of cheese. The list of cheeses on their website looks like the side effects list of a blood pressure medication. Except the side effects are all just cheese.

Did you know there’s a cheese called “Sleeping Beauty”? Well, there is and they put in on this pizza, and excuse me because I have a new fairy tale to go write. Each slice of the Centouno Formaggio has a dollop of house-made ricotta and is topped with a baked parmesan crisp. And just in case you weren’t completely sold on the glory of this pizza, the 101st cheese is baked into the crust. I repeat: IT. IS. A. STUFFED. CRUST. PIZZA. If you need to go lie down, I understand.

The inspiration for the Centouno Formaggio came from the 99-cheese pizza featured in the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. While world champion pizza maker Johnny di Francesco replicated the 99-cheese pizza in Australia the year of the film’s release, Scottie’s Pizza Parlor wanted to do two better.

Scottie’s divined the 101-cheese pizza in honor of last week’s Portland Pizza Week. How much would a slice run you? All your money? Your first born? Nope, just $2 a slice and $16 for a whole pizza. But this is where the bad news I mentioned earlier comes in: Before you start emptying out your bank accounts and booking a flight to Portland, the pizza was sadly only available for one day, Sunday, April 23. However, while this 101-cheese masterpiece was a one-day-only deal, it will live on forever in our hearts and mind and internet pictures.

The Centouno Formaggio joins the ranks of other pizza greats such as this pizza topped with tacos and guacamole and this pizza that was served instead of wedding cake. If you’re looking to recreate the 101-cheese magnum opus, you could start with this list of best cheeses to use on pizza. But you should probably stop after, like, 11 cheeses if you aren’t a professional or a ninja turtle.

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor has applied for the Guinness World Records title of “Most Cheeses on a Pizza,” and are still waiting for their 101-cheese pizza to be officially confirmed by Guinness. At the very least, the Centouno Formaggio and Scottie's Pizza Parlor are the current pizza world record holders of our hearts.