You Can Win A Free Trip From 23AndMe To Discover Your Family's Roots — Here's How To Enter

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In what is certainly one of the most unique sweepstakes to hit the web, on Wednesday, iHeartRadio teamed up with the ancestry and genetic health testing company 23andMe to launch a sweepstakes that will award 23 lucky winners (and their guests) an all-expenses-paid trip based on their DNA. How does one travel the world based on their DNA you ask? Great question — and it all comes back to 23andMe. A DNA-based ancestry kit, the company offers genetic testing via saliva samples; once you send in your spit, literally, your DNA is analyzed by geneticists who are able to pinpoint your ancestral breakdown based on that very sample. Once they extract this information, you get a report that highlights what regions your DNA most closely matches, as well as things like probable physical traits. For example, you might see on your report that you're some percent Native American or some percent European. In terms of this sweepstakes, winners' trips will be based on their DNA breakdown.

Between Jul. 18 and Aug. 9, anyone can submit to "The Golden 23 Sweepstakes" which will reward 23 winners with the chance to travel with a guest to a part of the world that is linked to their ancestral DNA. This contest will be open for entry over the course of 23 days. (It's 23, of course, because the company is named after the 23 pairs of chromosomes in an average human cell.) The best part: If you haven't already bought and used a DNA health and/or ancestry test with 23andMe, you're still good to apply. Part of being a winner means that you get to get a free kit! So, if you haven't already looked into your ancestry, you'll get an opportunity to if you're a winner. Then, you'll get to pick any place in your ancestry to visit. Yes, you can literally go anywhere in the world, based on your DNA. Even if you're just 0.004 percent Southeast Asian or 0.02 percent Sardinian, you can go to Asia or Italy and have a once in a lifetime-level epic trip visiting that very small part of your history.

Winners will receive up to five nights and six days in the location of their DNA's choosing. Additionally, winners will be able to customize up to two days of itineraries through the company Classic Journeys. Basically. that means that you'll be able to ensure that at least two days of your trip are loaded with fun, geographically-relevant activities that help you more closely connect with the location. Airfare and transportation will be covered as part of the winning package and winners will be able to visit multiple cities within the region that their DNA links them to. Plus, all winners will get up to $2,000 in spending money to use at their own discretion during their trip — food, souvenirs, whatever you want! With literally everything (included trip taxes) covered, you can be pretty leisurely with what you choose to spend your winning money on.

Here's how to enter:

Go To The Entry Page

Click this link and head to iHeartRadio to reach the official entry page.

Choose How To Enter

You can enter with Facebook or Google, or with your email address. If you choose one of the social media platforms, you will be asked to share your information with the site, but you can choose to remain private if you wish.

Get Bonus Entries

Once you enter, you can get bonus entries by following the contest pages on your other social media channels, and even sharing news of the contest. So if you really want to win, you'll really need to do a lot of sharing!