This "Mmmbop" Cover Is Everything

by Allie Gemmill
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you ask me how big a Hanson fan I am, I will probably show you all the Hanson CDs I own, plus proof that I saw them in concert at Hersheypark, plus the fact that I can still sing "MMMBop" perfectly. Go on, test me. I dare ya. Speaking "MMMBop," it's now 20 years old, and I feel incredibly old as a result. In order to properly celebrate "MMMBop"s 20th anniversary, there's an acapella cover that is so good that it puts all other "MMMBop" covers to shame. You'll not only be able to appreciate just how well "MMMBop" has aged (trust me, it has), but you'll be dancing along to this new version like you're just discovering the song for the first time. (Trust me, you will).

I'm declaring it right here, right now: acapella group The Sons Of Pitches have the best "MMMBop" cover of all time. According to their YouTube page, The Sons of Pitches are based in Birmingham, England and were the winners of The Naked Choir, a BBC reality show to find the best acapella group, in 2015. As part of their promotion, the BBC released a video of The Sons Of Pitches performing an cover of "MMMBop." The group put their own spin on it by formatting the song to fit a variety of genres. Reggae, country, metal, pop, hip-hop, punk, electronic, and I'm sure I'm leaving a few out. Please, just watch it, bask in the glory, and see if you can deduce all 10 genres for yourself.

The genius of this cover is that is maintains the poppy optimism of the original while bringing something new to the table. You may not be hard-pressed to find a ton of acoustic "MMMBop" covers, but you won't find a cover of this Hanson classic that is as inventive as the original was 20 years ago.