This Activewear Campaign Is Super Inspiring

If you're like me and need a little inspo to actually use your gym membership, then please direct your attention to the athletic wear company featuring a 90-year-old model in their campaign. Yes, that's right. The company, Alala, is launching a project for International Women's Day in honor of the coolest lady who's ever graced the gym.

On March 8, the brand will feature the one, the only Blanche Beckmann in their marketing campaign. The Alala team met Beckmann at the Equinox Greenwich gym in NYC, where she reportedly takes weekly Atonement boot classes with Alala's designed director. (In case you're wondering, Atonement is a full body workout, which uses resistance and nonstop moves to build muscle, according to the site.)

Beckmann reportedly exercises four days a week at the gym's various locations throughout the city. "Everyone says I'm so amazing (to still be working out at her age)," she says, in a press release. "But the truth is that I love it. I get out of class and I feel so much joy."

C'mon, does it get any more inspiring than that? Not really, which is why it makes perfect sense for Beckmann to be part of this campaign. As Alala founder Denise Lee says, “Alala women come in all different ages and sizes and I hope through being able to tell some of Blanche's story, we can inspire women to keep taking care of themselves and to live life to the fullest as Blanche does." Take a look at Beckmann in action below.

Beckmann is more flexible than I'll ever be. And that's OK.

She's also more stylish. But how could she not be? These jackets from Alala are so cute.

Such an inspiration.

Images: Patrick Randak for Alala