This Clean Beauty Brand Has A TON of Products Under $10

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Clean beauty has all but taken over the skin-care aisle, but it often comes at a cost — literally. Those conscientious formulas and sustainably-sourced ingredients tend to require a little more TLC from brands, and in many cases, that extra work is reflected in an eye-popping price tag. All to say: Affordable clean beauty products? Hard to come by.

But things are about to change thanks to Kiwi Botanicals. The New Zealand-inspired brand that's exclusive to Walmart offers clean, high-impact skin-care formulas, many of which come in under $10. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Aside from the budget-friendly prices, what also sets Kiwi Botanicals apart are its sustainably-sourced botanicals from New Zealand's South Island — think nourishing manuka honey and kiwi fruit extract.

Manuka honey is the standout here, since it's not your average honey. Found only in New Zealand, it's produced by bees that dine on the manuka bush, which in turn gives their honey special properties. Not only does the sweet stuff draw hydration into skin (no surprise there), but it's also anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants, which explains why it's been a skin care go-to for centuries. It's also a salve for stressed-out skin, which, research finds, can be more sensitive and reactive.

Just as important as what's in the formulas is what's not in them: Parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, silicones, and triclosan are all off-limits here, and the line is certified by PETA (i.e. it doesn't test on animals). Here, we're walking you through our favorite and affordable clean beauty products from the line — all for less than $10.

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Refreshing Body Wash

Wash away a long, exhausting day with this detoxifying shower gel, which gently removes grime and sweat with a combo of charcoal (which draws out impurities) and, of course, moisturizing manuka honey. It deep cleans skin from head to toe, leaving it seriously soft and smooth.

Rinse-Off Hydrator

Never heard of body conditioner? It's pretty straightforward: Body conditioner is a moisturizer you use in the shower. And, like the version for your hair, it's meant to be rinsed off. The in-shower timing is a game changer, because the manuka oil basically locks moisture into skin before you even towel off. Who says affordable clean beauty products can't be innovative, too?

Lightweight Moisturizer

Dry skin can go ahead and see itself out. It's no match for this body lotion, which replenishes rough or flaky skin with manuka honey. Layer it onto elbows, knees, shoulders, or literally anywhere that looks like it could use some hydration, and your skin will thank you accordingly.

Glow-Boosting Cleanser

Sure, it looks like a gel, and it feels like a gel... but once you add water, this thick, honey-like jelly transforms into a rich, sudsy cleanser. It melts away makeup, grime, and oil in seconds to leave your skin clean and fresh but not squeaky-tight. On top of that, vitamin-rich manuka honey improves skin's tone and texture over time, while antioxidant-rich totarol extract — sourced from recycled, organic totara wood — repairs and protects. Among these affordable clean beauty products, this is a standout.

Super Smoother

Stress does a number on the body, skin included. Research shows that stress can impact your skin's protective moisture barrier, which is why a good moisturizer is a must when you're feeling frazzled. Look no further than this chamomile body butter, infused with (what else?) manuka honey to create a super rich, velvety formula. It heals and restores stressed-out skin, and since it's in a clean formula, you can feel good about slathering it on.