This Artist's Brush Stroke Eye Makeup Is Going To Blow Your Damn Mind

In painting, each brush stroke should have a purpose. Its intensity, saturation, and direction need intention so the full work is rich with meaning. One artist has truly been able to translate this practice from the canvas to cosmetics. This brush stroke eye makeup is truly a work of art.

Artist Ida Ekman, @ida_elina on Instagram, creates beautiful looks by deconstructing brush strokes and translating them into eye makeup. Ekman, who has been drawing and painting since the age of three, always dreamed of becoming a painter when she grew up.

"I guess in a way that actually happened," Ekman tells Bustle.

Though her canvases may no longer be 2D, her true talent for the art of the brush remains. Each dot and stroke of Ekman's looks are intentional and precise. Her lines are impossibly clean. Every look has movement that gives otherwise stagnant liner a true life of it's own. Her colors clash and compliment each other, eliciting emotion within the heart of the viewer. In fact, Ekman says that most times her work "is a reflection of how I feel." And it's apparent. The eye dances from star to circle to liner flick, moving around the work like it would a van Gogh or DaVinci painting.

These star-studded lashes pair perfectly with the blue bespeckled undereye and warm orange lid.

This swishing rainbow look is perfectly balanced by the black brushstroke brow.

This is some real Lady MacBeth realness. Out damn spot. Out I say.

Who would ever think that this color combo would work? A genius, apparently.

This. Brow.

The subtle intentionality of the flesh-colored highlight will give you the chills.

The ultimate smoky eye.

How is this liner so perfect? How?

The shape of this shadow is so seductive.

The boldness of the brow and liner against the simplicity of the stars is everything.

If art conveys emotion, then this look is screaming.

This eye glows.

How does one even think of this?

Ida Ekman: Painter, MUA, and all-around genius.

You can check out hundreds of her other eye looks on her Instagram, @ida_elina.

Ekman wants her work to show the world "you can be different, weird, out of the norm, and yet successful." An amazing message in a world where many are still facing adversity due to their uniqueness.