This New 'Bachelorette' Teaser Hints Hannah B. Could Quit The Show

Ed Herrera/ABC

When you're dealing with a reality series like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, drama pretty much comes with the territory. And based on Hannah B.'s latest Bachelorette promo, this season isn't going to be an exception to that rule. The new trailer, which clocks in at almost four minutes, gives viewers a much closer look at Hannah's suitors and even a potential new villain. But in a worrisome twist, it seems that Hannah is on the verge of quitting The Bachelorette due to a rather intense conversation she has with some of the men. Will this prove to be yet another red herring or could Chris Harrison eventually find himself without a Bachelorette? The promo calls all of that into question and so much more.

"None of you know anything about me and what makes me me, and things I've gone through ‘cause nobody's even asked because all we do is talk about stupid sh*t," a teary-eyed Hannah B. tells her Bachelorette contestants in the trailer. "So, figure it out or, like, I don't want to do this."

What Hannah's saying isn't wrong, it's just not typically something that the Bachelorette comes out and says in front of everyone. Considering that these dates are taking place with a full-on camera crew, a lot of the conversations seem a bit stilted and tend to stick to pleasantries and cover a lot of the same topics over and over again. But Hannah isn't here for that — she wants these men to get to know the real her and if that can't happen, then she may decide to head for the door.

"I'm a normal human being trying to be The Bachelorette. I don't know what to do and I'm scared," Hannah says to the camera at one point during the clip. However, despite her many concerns, there also seems to be a lot of love in the air. (You even hear Hannah confess to someone that she's falling in love with them!) One guy jumps over a fence for her during the initial introductions — a clear nod to how Colton jumped over a fence for Cassie on The Bachelor — while another guy jumps out of a huge box because, uh, reasons? Either way, there seems to be plenty incentive for Hannah to stick around, even if she has to contend with some drama along the way.

Speaking of drama, the trailer also looks to pinpoint who the next big villain of the season will be and all eyes appear to be on Luke P., who is deemed to be an "evil, pathological liar" and a "psychopath" in the promo. Is he truly as bad as he's being made out to be?

It's worth noting that these clips are sometimes heavily edited, making it difficult to predict how things will actually play out, so it's possible this Luke person is just getting a bad rap for now, but will be shown in a better light as the season progresses. As it stands now, though, this guy is definitely not there to make friends and could be one of the reasons Hannah is thinking about leaving.

Viewers will just have to tune in on Monday, May 13 to see how this all shakes out.