There's A 'Beauty & The Beast' Themed Tea

All of your '90s baby dreams are coming true today, because a Beauty and the Beast themed afternoon tea exists, and it is almost too magical for your eyes. Drawing inspiration from the iconic film, soon to hit the big screen in live action form on March 17, the tea at Town House at the Kensington Hotel in London includes four rounds of scrumptious treats that are so thematically on point that hardcore fans will weep fancy tea tears.

Among the Beauty and the Beast-themed treats are a clock tart shaped like Cogsworth, a white chocolate mousse called "Try the grey stuff" that is served in a little Chip cup, and a dessert that seems to be suspended like the iconic rose from the film. The tea also includes savouries, sandwiches, and a sweet brioche baguette, with menu items inspired by Beauty and the Beast characters. The tea service is priced at £35 ($44), or £45 ($56) if you choose to add a glass of champagne to the mix — and if you're coming from out of town, a heck of a lot more expensive than that (we can swim to London, right?).

Here's a glance of the tea set up, which they shared on their Instagram.

No, YOU'RE crying at the majesty of how precious this is.

Unfortunately, the tea is presently booked through June 30. Or maybe fortunately? Because now you can make your reservations far enough in advance that you'll have enough time to swim across the ocean, if you aren't local.

In the meantime, if you're looking to get your Beauty and the Beast fix before the live action film release, here are a few other winning ideas.

Nationwide Beauty and the Beast Premiere Parties


In celebration of the March 17 release, 590 participating movie theaters are holding a "Be Our Guest" night on March 16 to mark the occasion. The parties will have concession deals, giveaways, and the opportunity to see Ariana Grande and John Legend's "Be Our Guest" music video on the big screen. Tickets are available here.

Beauty And The Beast Build-A-Bears


Build-A-Bear has released two limited edition bears in celebration of the film, inspired by Belle and the Beast. Accessories include ballroom costumes for both bears, as well as a rose and a little Belle wig. View the whole collection here.

Hot Topic's Beauty and the Beast Collection

Hot Topic

Host your own Beauty and the Beast tea with clothes and accessories inspired by your favorite Disney princess and the cast of lovable characters. Check out Hot Topic's nod to the film here.

Of course, you COULD just do yourself a solid, drain your bank account, and fly to this tea in your Belle gear with a Build-A-Bear in tow. Only so many rose petals left in this life, amirite? (Is that allowed to be the new YOLO? Please forgive me.) In any case, there are plenty of magical ways to celebrate this Disney princess, for the release of the live action film and all year long.