This Blogger's Genius Styling Secrets Will Change How You Do Fall Denim

Photo: Paul Williams

Denim is a wardrobe all-star, working year round as a foundation for all of our favorite looks. So once we find a pair that has us looking and feeling good, we never want to let it go. The right denim is comfortable, confidence-boosting, and a round-the-clock closet staple. How many pieces can you say that about?

With that notion in mind, we called upon LA-based model, blogger, and creator of #VisiblyPlusSize Alex LaRosa to dish on how she would style her Old Navy Rockstar Denim with Secret-Slim Pockets — your new favorite jean with sewn-in pockets that feel as great as they look.

LaRosa, a denim maven in her own right, explained how she developed confidence in her personal style and — of course — how the perfect pair of jeans makes you feel ready to take on the world.

“I gravitate towards pieces that stand out but are still comfortable,” she says. “When you feel good, you look good — and vice versa!”

Below, see how the model puts her signature touch on two denim-centric ensembles that are guaranteed to make you feel great — whether you’re grabbing a casual brunch with friends in the A.M. or prepping for a date night.

Denim By Day:

Photo: Paul Williams

Alex is wearing Old Navy Rockstar Jeans with Secret-Slim Pockets in Dark Wash and Tuck-In Slim-Fit Graphic Tee.

LaRosa’s foolproof tip for keeping denim fresh is exploring different cuts, washes, and levels of distress based on the season.

“I go for darker washes in more classic cuts when the temps start to drop,” she says. Come autumn, her outfit du jour consists of said jeans, a bold logo tee and sneaks that are cute enough to meet friends for lunch yet practical enough for running errands around town.

“It’s carefree and optimistic and makes a total statement — literally!” she says.

Photo: Paul Williams

Denim By Night:

Photo: Paul Williams

Alex is wearing Old Navy Rockstar Jeans with Secret-Slim Pockets in Dark Wash, EveryWear Plus-Size Slub-Knit Tuck-In Tee, and Plus-Size Sueded Knit Moto Jacket.

Even the best blue-jean baby looks call for “a pop of something unexpected” come nighttime. In this date-night look LaRosa wears out to dinner with her fiancé, silver drop earrings bring on the shine — and match the hardware on the jacket's lapel, natch.

LaRosa swears that for the longest time, she didn’t feel like she had a personal style. Now that she's found her fashion confidence, she loves surrounding herself with friends who have totally different style POVs.

“We often grow up thinking that there is only one way to look or dress or act, but that’s just not true,” she says. “When you surround yourself with people who dress differently than you and you decide to love them for who they are, it becomes easier to dress in a way that makes you happy and love yourself for who you are.”

Photo: Paul Williams

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