This Body Pos Blogger Blasted A Weight Loss Show Recruiting Her

Lottie L’Amour is a plus size fashion blogger who advocates for body positivity at any size. So, unsurprisingly, she was less than pleased when a TV production company tried to recruit her to lose weight on TV. The London-based blogger slammed the show for assuming she wants to lose weight, simply because of her size. As she wrote in an Instagram post about the incident, “Assuming that because we are fat we must want to lose weight is piss poor.”

Last Friday, L’Amour received a recruiting email from Twofour, a UK television production company, about a new health-themed show. The email, which L’Amour shared on Twitter, said that the show was “looking for volunteers who would like to lose weight and are open to trialling out a new diet.” It asked if she would like to participate and requested that she share the invitation with her followers. The email also mistakenly addressed L’Amour as “Gloria.”

In her response to the email, L’Amour wrote, “I don’t want to go on a faddy show about diet culture. I believe that women can feel good in whatever skin they are in and that diet culture is a money making scheme that hinges on making people feel terrible about who they are.”

On Instagram, she continued the discussion, writing,

Not all fat women want to lose weight just as not all fat women want to stay the weight they are. Assuming that because we are fat we must want to lose weight is piss poor. We don't have to be a before photo all the time — our bodies deserve to be visible without assumption that we are working to get thinner. Some of us aren't, some of us are working to love the skin we are in because we are deserving of it. My body is beautiful, and so is yours — in whatever state of weight loss or not.

L’Amour told People that she was “angered” by the recruitment email. “It was a combination of the lack of attention to detail and research with the fact that it was clear this person had gone looking for plus size bloggers with the assumption that we would clearly want to lose weight.” Twofour sent her an apology via email, which stated, “We understand not everyone wants to lose weight but we are contacting people far and wide on the internet and Vloggers are a huge influence in getting the message out to their followers.”

In the days since L’Amour’s Twitter post has gone viral, she has been the target of criticism and threats. “So the past few days have been super tough,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “I've had death threats, I've been told I'm going to die early, I've been told I should diet and been called every single name under the sun.” Fortunately, she hasn’t let the negativity distract her from her mission to spread a positive message about body image.

“These people are not the people I write for — these people refuse to believe that fat bodies deserve respect and that's okay,” she wrote. “Although changing their minds would be nice, I'm here to remind fat bodies that there is an alternative to self loathing and that alternative starts from within. All bodies are deserving of love, even when the odds are stacked up against you!”