Meet Cat Bae, The Dream Cat Husband

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

There’s no better way to start the weekend than with adorable animals being adorable, so I bring you…. CAT BAE. This cat dad supporting his cat wife as she gives birth is #CatGoals and #RelationshipGoals and #ALLTHEGOALS. Seriously, this beautiful orange feline with his beautiful family is truly the bae we all deserve.

The photos, posted on Imgur, show an orange tabby father-to-be staying close to his calico wife as she gives birth to four kittens. (OK, to be fair, I don’t know if they are actually married. No judgment either way, obvs.) (YES, I know that I am anthropomorphizing these cats, but sshhh. Just let me have this.) After all of the kittens have been delivered and cleaned up, the photos show the whole family of six snuggling together in their bed, mom and dad’s faces pressed together, and the kitties, a mix of tabby and calico, sleeping in the space between them. It is glorious.

The photos, which appeared on Imgur only a day ago, have already been viewed almost half a million times and have racked up hundreds of comments. Unsurprisingly, most comments add up to some version of “AWWW. I WANT.” I mean, just look at these magnificent creatures:

“He looks stressed, then caring, then attentive, then content.. just like hooman fathers going through the same experience,” one commenter notes. A number of commenters point out that the dad cat’s attentiveness is unusual for a male cat, though some say they’ve seen similar behavior before. “We had cats like this,” a commenter recalls. “When the mom left the babies to eat & they started meowing, the dad would jump in & keep them company til she came back.”

A few people have compared this dad cat to the (human) men in their lives and found that their own dudes… don’t exactly measure up. “Damn...this cat was 95% more supportive than my husband. ????” one person comments, while another notes, “That cat is a better father than my sons dad!” Oof.

Another commenter laments about being allergic to cats, writing, “All I want in this world is to not be deathly allergic to cats.” As someone who would also break out into hives and uncontrollable sneezing if actually presented with a family of cats, I feel you, friend. We’ll just have to content ourselves with admiring these fine felines from afar.