If This Theory Is True, ‘Westworld’ Fans Could Get A Storyline They’ve Been Demanding

John P. Johnson/HBO

Major spoilers for the Westworld Season 2 finale ahead. As if the big Charlotte Hale twist on Westworld wasn't enough, Season 2 of the HBO series ended with an intriguing possibility for the character going forward. Time to start theorizing, folks! Is Charlotte actually Teddy on Westworld now? After building herself a new Dolores body, the clone of the Delos higher up could be anyone in Season 3.

At the end of the season, Dolores uploaded James Marsden's character Teddy into the Valley Beyond, a robot afterlife where he can be happy, run free, and (hopefully) never be riddled with bullets again. Then, Dolores disguised as Charlotte took a purse with five host mind pearls to the mainland and, with a 3D printer of her own, started making some companions. She made a new Dolores body for herself, a new Bernard, and seemingly put someone else inside of the Charlotte clone. The brief glimpse of Tessa Thompson's ultimate character is quiet, holding a gun, and ready to get started with whatever Dolores' plan is now.

What four other hosts were in that purse? Could she have copied Teddy before uploading his backup into the Valley? These are the questions that Season 3 can answer.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Thompson said she's eager to "get [her] Tatiana Maslany on" and portray multiple characters, a la Orphan Black. However, the actor claims to not know who she was playing in that final moment, despite voices guesses to the creators. Even she's unsure who that silent gun-toting sidekick will turn out to be.

The way Thompson's character is in stride with Dolores at the end of the season does mirror Teddy's status as her right hand man. However, why do this, instead of just building a new Teddy body? Maybe Dolores wanted to start over with her once faithful love. Maybe it just seemed logical to team up with someone so high up at Delos. Teddy, hiding in plain sight with Charlotte's body, could be useful.

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If this theory turns out to be true, it would mean that Evan Rachel Wood and Thompson could be playing love interests. Both actresses are openly bisexual in real life, and the series could use a little more LGBTQIA+ representation. The only visibly queer character on Westworld is Logan Delos, who in Season 2 is revealed to have died from an overdose.

In an interview with IndieWire in April 2018, ahead of the Westworld Season 2 premiere, actor Wood hinted at a queer moment, for her character Dolores. “I don’t know about any storylines, but I was not disappointed,” she said at the time. “That’s all I can say. We’ll give you something. As a queer person, I’m like, ‘More.’ We will not leave you high and dry. That’s what I’m going to say.”

However, whether that moment was supposed to be between her character and Charlotte Hale — or possibly another host like Angela, or even Clementine — it never happened. On Twitter, Wood promised to keep fighting for more of whatever that moment was supposed to be. She's also out here liking tweets about Charlotte and Dolores kissing. Not that that means anything, but it bodes well.

This is another in a recent series of "cut for time" representations of LGBTQIA+ characters on screen — another, in fact, involved Tessa Thompson's heroine Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, who was meant to be Marvel's first (openly) bisexual superhero, though that's not made explicit in the movie. The same thing happened with Black Panther, Solo, and Jurrasic World 2. Then there's Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which, likely won't address Dumbledore's homosexuality at all, despite the fact that his canonical crush is the titular role.

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Who else could be inside the Charlotte clone host shell? If Thompson's guesses were wrong, maybe she isn't Teddy. One option is Peter Abernathy; Dolores' father character is a prime suspect. Dolores is forming her own family in the real world, after all. It would also be rather fitting if Dolores put William's daughter Emily inside of Charlotte. Delos is her legacy, after all, and she would certainly be down for revenge after discovering that she was brutally murdered by her own father. The same could be said for Emily's uncle Logan Delos, actually.

Both Emily and Logan are human, and would have red data pearls instead of black — but Dolores could have made Arnold-to-Bernard like modifications, or even grabbed Logan the Librarian from the Forge.

That said, the Charlotte is Teddy theory is already making the rounds online, and for those who 'shipped those two crazy hosts it is certainly appealing. Somewhere there's a place for Dolores and Teddy — maybe it just took a certain corporate schemer named Charlotte to make that happen.