This Brunch Kit Lets You Make Cinnabon Pancakes Stuffed With Frosting

The new Cinnabon Rolled Pancake Set will be available at Walmart Nov. 1.
Courtesy of Walmart

Move over, cronut, because there's a new unholy dessert mashup in town. Have you ever found a pancake so delicious that you want to move inside it and build a life there? This may be that pancake. Because this is not any pancake — this is a Cinnabon Rolled Pancake, and by virtue of that, it is glorious.

To be specific, Walmart has a Cinnabon Rolled Pancake Kit hitting shelves on Nov. 1 — and although Cinnabon is no stranger to remixes, this one might have just put all the others to shame. The kit costs $12.98, and considering it makes six large pancakes that look about the size of your human head, it seems like that best return on investment that I've ever seen, even though I only have the most tenuous grasp on what a return on investment is.

The kit comes complete with Cinnabon Rolled Pancake and icing mix, but you also get hot cocoa mix and two actual mugs for peak coziness. Whether you're looking to impress a friend with a holiday-themed gift or send yourself deep, deep into a sugar coma and just ride the winter out that way, you're pretty much set. What a wonderful, frosting-covered world we live in.

Courtesy of Walmart

Cinnabon makes such iconic cinnamon rolls that they have inspired not just this kit, but a huge range of products. This year alone we've seen Cinnabon Cookie Frosting Sandwiches — a combination so powerful I couldn't look directly at them — along with Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits from KFC, another mashup that could very well make your tastebuds do Simone Biles-style moves. Most recently, we've been blessed with the return of Cinnabon Cookie Bonbites. A sweet cookie outside, revealing the gooey Bonbite at its core — but, much like a candle in the wind, they only ever appear for a short while.

Some gifts are best shared with loved ones, some are best kept for yourself — but the Cinnabon Rolled Pancake Kit is the best of both worlds. With a generous portion designed for two, you can give and receive. And there's frosting. So it's time to embrace the sugary delight that awaits you — and take a friend along for the ride.