'SNL's Sasheer Zamata Has Her Own Stand-Up Special


You should recognize Sasheer Zamata from Saturday Night Live. She first joined the late-night live sketch comedy series in 2014 and now the comedian is bringing her talents to screens around the world in a new way. Sasheer Zamata is debuting a new stand-up special called Pizza Mind on Seeso. The special features Zamata discussing a range of topics through her stand-up, including relationships, racism, and politics. And as shown in the exclusive clip below, Zamata also uses the opportunity to let everyone to know that she is more than her SNL impressions.

"Some people just know me from SNL," she begins. The 30-year-old then goes onto explain how there are some people who attend her shows expecting to her "to do SNL or be SNL." If you're an avid viewer of the NBC show, then you know that Zamata does several impressions of famous people, including Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.

In the special, Zamata recounts a particular moment when a woman came up to her after a show and expressed disappointment because she didn't do more impressions. Zamata first responded with, "Oh, well, I just chose to do stand-up in this... stand-up club." Then, the woman continued and said she really wanted to see Zamata as Bey or Minaj. But rather than saying what she really wanted to say, the SNL star responded with, "Well, maybe next time."

It's something that clearly bothered her, because then she goes onto tell the crowd at her Pizza Mind special what she wishes she would've done.

It definitely has to be frustrating being as talented as Zamata is and to have your other endeavors shut down or overlooked because of one popular project. I'm sure she is beyond thankful for SNL and enjoys performing on it, but outside of the show she is so much more than it and her impressions. Plus, when she's not working SNL, it's kind of a slap in the face to her and all of her hard work for people to not be fully capturing what she is doing at that exact moment, but instead to be thinking about her on SNL.

So, next time you see Zamata outside of SNL, don't ask her to do an impression or she just might do one of you. Until then, be sure to catch her stand-up special Pizza Mind on streaming service Seeso when it premieres Thursday, March 30.