The Color-Changing Beauty Item That You Have To See To Believe

by Kali Borovic

The future of beauty is officially here. The indie brand Chaos Makeup created a color-changing product that is nothing like you've ever seen before. The color, which they've named Mood Cream, doesn't just change hues, it does a complete 180 degree turn when placed under water. This is one beauty invention that you need to see to believe.

There are currently some color-changing products on the market in the form of lipsticks, blushes, and hair dyes that change with your body temperature or duochrome items that give a color shift. Chaos Makeup's color-changing cream takes the beauty trend to a whole new level. The multi-use product goes on a deep purple, almost black, shade and then turns to turquoise when water runs over it. It's absolutely incredible.

According to their Instagram, Mood Cream is currently in the works. It's unclear whether that name means that the color will look different on everyone or if it's just a quirky title. Bustle reached out to the brand to get the deets. Fingers crossed that this comes out in time for summer, because I would love to head to the beach looking like a grunge goddess and come out of the water a mermaid.

This isn't the only innovative beauty product that the brand has released, either. They already have a line of Color-Shifting Creams that look different depending on the angle. The brand also has lipsticks, with and without glitter, that do the same, but none of them compete with the swatch of Mood Cream.

Chaos Makeup isn't just nailing trends, they're creating them. I love to see a beauty brand doing something different, because a person only needs so many nude lipsticks. If the rest of the products that they teased in the Instagram post are anything like their Mood Cream, the brand could completely revolutionize the makeup world.

If you need me, I'll be watching swatches of Mood Cream all day long . I can't wait to see more of what this multi-use cream can do!