Lipstick Queen's New Color-Changing Lippie Is Gorg

by Rachel Nussbaum

Custom-color, pH-reactive makeup products are one of the coolest party tricks in the makeup world, as evidenced by the collective obsession with those clear flower lipsticks, but it's a trend that usually sticks to hard-to-mess-up, pinky colors. No longer, with Lipstick Queen's Lipstick Queen's Mornin's Sunshine lipstick, a self-adjusting coral that fine tunes the tricky shade to your pH. Heard enough? Here's where to buy the latest color-changing lippie on the market.

Available for $25 from Space NK, the buttercup yellow lipstick is the latest addition to the brand's "transforming" family. Some quick background: These custom colors aren't exactly new, with the science dating back (at least in my memory) to items like Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick. From Physician's Formula's pH Matchmaker gloss to Dior's Addict Lip Glow, the trend is seeing a resurgence, and most new additions are cool, but not groundbreaking. Which is why Lipstick Queen's Mornin' Sunshine is so exciting — after nailing the pink category with Frog Prince, they're taking on the coral conundrum.

Moring Sunshine Lipstick Queen, $25, Space NK

How to make it not your grandmother's coral: start with a pastel yellow lipstick. Apply. Let the peachy, bright coral shade take you to better days. Complete with frosted, periwinkle packaging, it's basically spring in a tube.

Moring Sunshine Lipstick Queen, $25, Space NK

Given how hard it is to find the elusive, "this is something I'd like to wear" coral shade, the use of pH to create your perfect color is pretty genius. Added bonus: everything about Mornin' Sunshine is just happy, including the box.

The Art Deco packaging stays true to the brand's storied glamour theme, while the mix of coral, yellow and periwinkle on the outside subtly transmits what you're getting.

Space NK's weather forecast is entirely wrong where I am in NYC, where outside is 100 percent gray gloom. The chance of bright lips, though — highly correct.

Moring Sunshine Lipstick Queen, $25, Space NK

And while swatches are still forthcoming, given the very premise of the 'stick, they'll be hard to nail. The only thing I can think while looking at it is "Why do you build me up, buttercup, baby," so here's hoping it both follows through for you, and that song doesn't get stuck in your head and never, ever leave.