This Cult-Favorite Drawer Organizer — & 39 Other Things On Amazon That'll Organize All Your Crap

If you're like a lot of people, you probably have a whole lot of stuff — and it's probably taking up a whole lot of room. Luckily, this cult-favorite drawer organizer (and 38 other things on Amazon that'll organize all your crap) can help. That's because investing in a few great storage pieces may be all you need to take your home, car, purse, and life from cluttered to coordinated.

First, know that clutter happens, and it happens fast. One day you're driving around in car that feels like it's brand new — and the next, there are water bottles, toys, and bags as far as the eye can see. Throwing out what you don't need is always helpful, but finding new ways to organize what you do need can totally transform your environment, and that's exactly what these innovative Amazon products were made for.

Whether it's a set of packing cubes that makes business trips less stressful, some shelf dividers that separate everything from sweaters to sheets, or a few mesh laundry bags so you can wash and dry delicate clothes without ruining them, this list has everything. And yes, that includes an organizer that stacks your utensils vertically — because life is too short to deal with drawers that are constantly getting stuck.

by Lisa Fogarty

1. The Kitchen Drawer Organizer That Fits More Utensils

Fit more spoons, knives, forks, and serving utensils in this unique tray, which has twin gadget compartments and an angled utensil design that holds more at once. The utensil organizer comes in gray or white/green and features helpful cutlery icons so you can keep everything in perfect order.

2. These Shelf Dividers That Keep Clothing Neatly Stacked

Save your favorite sweaters and jeans from tumbling over each other by installing these simple closet shelf dividers, which keep items stacked and separated. The set of two dividers easily slides over standard shelves and locks in place. They are made from quality steel and come in four colors.

3. The Car Organizer That Attaches To Your Seats

Your car is one of the first places that accumulates clutter. This front seat car organizer helps big time — just attach it to the front or back of the passenger seat, and use it to store coffee mugs, pens, notepads, your phone, and whatever else you need to take with you. The waterproof design has multiple pockets, including one roomy pocket for larger items like an iPad.

4. A Hook That Stores Up To Six Handbags

Hang, organize, and protect your handbags on this dedicated handbag hanger. The sturdy metal hook fits right in your closet, freeing up major space. Since it's made from steel and has six hooks, it can be used for purses, bags, pashminas, scarves, ties, and belts.

5. An Over-The-Door Hair Tool Organizer

Your hair dryer, curling wand, and straightening iron are not only difficult to stash in small cabinets — but they can also be dangerous to store when still hot. This over-the-door hair tool organizer takes care of that problem pronto. Not only does the sturdy steel wire design keep hot tools up and out of the way, but it has two compartments and hooks for wrapping cords.

6. This Convenient Sink Caddy That Stays In Place With Suction Cups

Keep sponges, soap, and brushes in order and all in one place thanks to this sink caddy. It has a pop-out silicone brush holder and ventilation holes throughout to prevent mold and mildew — plus it attaches with damage-free suction cups.

7. The Collapsible Laundry Basket That You Can Store Flat

Whether you use this laundry basket for actual clothing or to collect toys, books, or other items around the house, its main benefit remains the same: When you're finished with it, the basket collapses flat for simple storage. It even comes in three colors.

8. These Shoe Racks That Give You Back Your Closet Space

When you're a serious shoe lover, your closet (unfortunately) has to suffer for it. Take back your closet with these shoe racks, which have a smart double-decker design that saves some major room. The racks are adjustable to fit any shoe size or type, and you get 18 pieces in one set.

9. A Corner Vanity Shelf That's Stackable

This set of two stackable shelves fits neatly in a corner, so it takes advantage of unused space by vanities, under sinks, and in cabinets. The shelves are ideal for storing creams, perfumes, hand lotion, and other toiletries and they come in three colors: clear, bronze and amber, and black and smoke.

10. A Lid Organizer That Can Be Installed On Doors Or Walls

If your pot and pan lids are a chaotic, drawer-stopping mess, install these lid organizer racks on the insides of cabinet doors or walls. Each rack fits three lids, and they can be installed vertically or horizontally so you always have a neat place to keep them.

11. The Pull-Out Spice Organizer That Lets You See All Your Options At Once

No more poking around your cabinet to find that bottle of cinnamon or paprika. This spice organizer can fit 30 full-size (or 60 half-size) bottles on upper and lower pull-out shelves. The rack can be placed in your cabinet or on your counter and will finally allow you to see all of your spices at one time. It comes in three sizes and two colors — white or silver.

12. This Mold-Resistant Bathroom Organizer For Toothbrushes And Razors

With compartments made especially for your razors, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, this bathroom organizer holds onto the items that would otherwise fill up cabinets and spill over onto shelves. It uses suction cups to hold it in place in your shower or on your bathroom wall tile. It's also constructed from an easy-to-clean material that is resistant to mold and mildew. Choose among four colors: blue, charcoal, gray, or white.

13. A Sponge Holder That Dispenses The Perfect Amount Of Soap

Not only can you store your sponge in this sponge holder, but the bottom compartment holds up to 14 fluid ounces of soap — so a quick tap from the top releases the perfect amount each time. You'll get those dishes done faster than ever, especially since one sponge is included in the order.

14. The Best Way To Stack Water Bottles And Save Fridge Space

When you line up water bottles and other drinks in your refrigerator, you automatically take up a large amount of shelf space that could otherwise be used for food. This water bottle holder stand (which holds three bottles horizontally) can be stacked with other units to create a space-saving vertical storage solution.

15. This Computer Stand With Additional Drawer Space For Books And Accessories

Get a better viewing angle of your screen and have space to spare when you rest your monitor on this unique monitor riser. The metal stand has a sliding drawer tray below it for notebooks and paper, plus storage on either side where you can keep office supplies or your phone. It comes in black or silver.

16. These Bamboo Drawer Dividers That Adjust And Expand

Make the most out of every drawer in your home with these eco-friendly bamboo drawer dividers, which can be adjusted and expanded to fit the space. They create sections where you can neatly organize and store items like utensils, toys, and tools. They even have a spring mechanism that makes them a breeze to install.

17. An Adjustable Organizer That Lets You Store A Variety Of Cookware

No matter how big or small your pot, pan, lid, or cutting board, this adjustable pan and lid organizer can accommodate it. The rack comes with eight adjustable tiers so you can space them to suit basically any item. Stand the rack vertically or horizontally, too.

18. The Portable, Collapsible Dish Drying Rack With A Snap-In Drainer Board

If you'll do anything to maximize what little precious counter space you have, this collapsible sink drainer is about to become your new favorite purchase. The drainer features compartments for utensils and a snap-in drainer board that keeps counters dry as a bone. When you are finished using it, you can simply remove the board, collapse it flat, give it a spin in the dishwasher, and store it anywhere.

19. These Sturdy Hangers That Offer A Vertical Storage Solution

Don't sacrifice closet space or compromise the appearance of your clothing — simply change the way you store clothes with these vertical hangers. Each of these sturdy cascading hangers holds up to five garments, and by detaching one of the hooks, reviewers say they "save a ton of space."

20. A Set Of Packing Cubes So That You Can Quickly Find What You Need On Trips

Packing well for trips is an art — but these packing cubes help you fake that skill. The set of four water-resistant cubes comes in various sizes to hold everything from jeans to lingerie. They are double-stitched for sturdiness and they come in nine colors with an extra laundry bag thrown in for good measure. Most importantly, you can store everything more compactly and grab one specific item without disrupting everything else in your suitcase.

21. An Foldable Drying Rack So You Can Finally Stop Hanging Swimsuits In The Shower

Your most delicate clothing items, like swimsuits and lingerie, should never see the inside of a dryer. And that's why this folding drying rack is such a treasure. It folds out accordion-style to provide plenty of room for up to 32 pounds of garments, but when you're done, it folds back down flat for easy storage.

22. An Insert For Your Purse That Has Pockets For Everything

You know that feeling of reaching into your purse and digging around for your keys, wallet, or sunglasses — and it's never a quick process. That annoyance is completely squashed when you use this purse organizer: an insert that consists of 13 inner and outer pockets, including two large zippered ones. That way, you can find your cards, keys, cosmetics, phone, and more in seconds. The insert is made from water-resistant nylon and comes in more than 10 colors.

23. An Expandable Under-The-Sink Shelf For Cleaning Supplies

Stash your cleaning supplies and other items on this convenient under-the-sink shelf organizer rack. The two-tier design expands from 15 to 25 inches to suit your most spaces, plus it offers four adjustable height options. Made from quality steel, it comes in silver or bronze.

24. This Fire-Proof Organizer That Hides Messy Cables And Wires

Give messy, tangled wires a sleek place to hide with this cable management organizer, which instantly makes rooms look less cluttered. The fireproof box features four cable cutouts and rubber feet that keep it stable on floors or desks.

25. The Ironing Caddy That Fits Over Doors

Struggling to find space for your ironing board and iron? The best solution rests right over your door. This ironing caddy can hold both T-leg and four-leg style boards, plus it has a snug compartment that fits your iron. Since it's great for use over the closet door, you can hide away your ironing tools until they're needed again.

26. This Sanitary Self-Adhesive Toothbrush Holder

Relying on a cup to store toothbrushes also means dealing with puddles of water and potential germs. Get your toothbrushes (and razors) up and out of harm's way with this self-adhesive toothbrush holder. It can be installed on smooth surfaces like tile by simply peeling off the 3M tape backing — and it fits up to three toothbrushes at once.

27. These Soft, Foldable Boxes For Dividing Clothing And Linen

No need to dig around your drawer for that one T-shirt or bra. This set of six clothing boxes comes in different sizes and helps you organize shirts, lingerie, ties, socks, scarves, sheets, and pillowcases. They come in six colors and collapse down flat when not in use.

28. The Case That Holds Up To 93 Batteries And Can Be Mounted To Your Wall

You never know when you'll need a specific type of battery, but there's no knowing which kinds you have when they're scattered all over the house. Store up to 93 batteries in this special case, which has a sturdy clear cover. Its differing compartments are equipped to hold various sizes like AA, AAA, 9 volt, C, D, and flat batteries. It also includes a removable battery tester and you can even mount the case to a wall.

29. An Organizer With Baskets That Slide Out

Set up this two-tier basket organizer on your counter or in a cabinet; then simply pull out its sliding baskets whenever you need to grab a spice, tea bag, or dish towel. The versatile organizer is made from bronze and its baskets are also removable so you can take them with you.

30. This Shoe Lover's Dream That Fits Over Doors

Shoe lovers of the world: There's no worse feeling than coveting all of those gorgeous heels, flats, and sneakers, but having absolutely no room to store them. Instead of getting rid of your shoes (which would just be sad), make more room with this over-the-door shoe organizer. It fits up to 12 pairs in its 24 transparent pockets, plus it's simple to assemble and doubles as storage for accessories or toys.

31. A Multi-Compartment Organizer For Your Trunk

Clean up that cluttered trunk in a snap with this trunk organizer, which features multiple inner pockets and side pockets where you can stash emergency car equipment, sports gear, toys, and even groceries. The waterproof bag has two removable sub-dividers to let you customize your storage needs, plus a clip and a convenient collapsible design.

32. This Space-Saving Bedside Caddy That You Mount To Your Wall

Keep everything you need by your bed and within arm's reach — without taking up a ton of space on a night stand. This bedside organizer is mounted to your wall with safe 3M adhesive tape, and it provides small pockets for items like your cell phone, comb, glasses, and tissues. It even has a hook for headphones and hair ties. It comes in two styles, one of which boasts two larger pockets.

33. This Shower Curtain With Mesh Pockets

From loofahs and razors to shampoo and baby toys, this is the unique shower curtain that features nine mesh pockets. As a result, it holds every single thing you could possibly need and want in your shower or bath. The mesh design allows for airflow and drainage to prevent mold, and the curtain wipes down easily with a sponge or damp cloth. It measures 70 by 72 inches to fit standard showers and tubs.

34. An Interlocking Drawer Organizer So You Can Mix And Match

Drawers differ in size, and storage needs differ from person to person. Because of these two facts, this interlocking drawer organizer wisely utilizes eight storage boxes of various sizes that can be locked together however best accommodates your needs. The boxes come in six colors that include granite, white, and light blue.

35. A Dedicated Scarf, Belt, And Tie Hanger With 23 Loops

Store up to 23 belts, ties, or scarves on this one dedicated organizer hanger, which has a sleek, fool-proof metal design that keeps accessories from slipping onto closet floors. Reviewers say this hanger actually keeps scarves from getting wrinkled, is strong and sturdy, and can be used in other creative ways — including the organization of children's leggings.

36. The Spinning Two-Tier Stand With Non-Skid Surfaces

Fill up this two-tier spinning lazy Susan with spices, condiments, or even beauty products (because who says it can't be used out of the kitchen?). The organizer has a non-skid surface that holds onto objects, with rimmed edges to prevent falling. It comes in two colors is compact enough to fit nicely inside of cabinets.

37. A Cute Storage Solution And Dispenser For Plastic Bags

Available in ten adorable prints and two sizes, the Bag Bag from W&F Home aims to organize, store, and dispense all your recycled plastic bags. It's made from quality cotton canvas and has a drawstring top for easy reloading and an elastic bottom so you can grab one at a time. It's even washable and fits effortlessly in drawers, cabinets, and on hooks.

38. These Vacuum Storage Bags That Reduce Volume By 80 Percent

These SUOCO storage bags are made from durable, waterproof, dual-layer material, so they protect your seasonal clothing and bulky bedding from moisture, bugs, dust, and dirt. That said, they also remove all the air using the included travel pump, so the item takes up 80 percent less space. Reviewers have given them a 4.4-star rating and say they've "transformed" their under-bed storage, closets, and even suitcases. Get them in three sizes and a combination pack.

39. These Mesh Laundry Bags For Delicate Items Like Lingerie

Wash your delicate items — like lingerie and knit sweaters — separately to spare them from harsh zippers and damaging fabrics. This seven-piece mesh laundry bag set prevents your garments from becoming tangled or snagged in the washer and dryer. The bags come in a variety of sizes and each has a secure, rust-free zipper to keep clothing protected. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.