Kat Von D Is Bringing Back A Loved Lippie

It's always rad when a beauty brand brings back a limited edition shade for an encore of sorts. Leave it to Kat Von D to do so with a twist. Kat Von D's Project Chimps Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, an utterly gorgeous brick red shade, is enjoying a reprise and with the same purpose as before. The mega matte lippie wasn't just designed to beautify your lips. This shade was created specifically for charity purposes and the brand will continue to donate 20 percent of the proceeds to Project Chimps, a sanctuary dedicated to rehabilitating and housing chimps that were rescued from testing labs.

The Projects Chimps Everlasting Lipstick will be back on sale exclusively at the Kat Von D Beauty site as of Monday, Jul. 17, according to the caption of the official Insta post revealing its return.

This lipstick is yet another way that Kat Von D, both the person and the brand, affirm their commitment to both a cruelty-free lifestyle and cruelty-free beauty.

The brand noted that the shade is back by popular demand and one Kat Von D-evotee exclaimed that she uses her tube sparingly for fear it will run out. That's some serious love for this hue.

Kat Von D Project Chimp Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, $20, Sephora

According to recent press materials received by Bustle, Project Chimps is returning for a limited time only and won't be a permanent offering. That shouldn't stop fans from rejoicing over its return and celebrating in the here and now. We reached out to KVD reps to see if there are any future plans to make Project Chimps a permanent addition.

It's a statement red in more ways than one. It'll give you a killer scarlet pout and also allows you to passively do good by supporting animal rights initiatives with your purchase. You can show off your inner bombshell with this lippie. KVD truly puts her money where her mouth (and yours!) is when it comes to animal activism.

Fan reaction is passionate... because of course it is. KVD Everlasting liquid lippies stay put and come in the most amazing array of shades.

Given Kat Von D's intense animal sympathies, it wouldn't shock me if she eventually brought Project Chimps back for good... so it can continue to do good.

Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty

It serves such an amazing dual purpose of making her heart happy, since she loves helping animals, and it makes her diehard loyalists and their lips happy, too! Many KVD customers share her animal rights stances, too.