You Can Buy A Valentine's Day Sweater To Share With Your Dog

by Brittany Bennett

There is no greater love than the love your dog has for you, the dispenser of treats and giver of belly rubs. This is a special kind of love that is to be cherished and kept close. Like, really close. And there is nothing that nurtures this closeness better than zulily's Double-Header Sweater. The stretched out knitwear is perfect for sitting and staying in.

Available for purchase on Jan. 21, orders yours — and Fido's — by Jan. 31 to ensure arrival before V-Day, so you can spend Feb. 14 wrapped up with the Golden Retriever you love most. Let's be real, your giant Bernese Mountain Dog fancies itself a lap dog anyways. You might as well make your attached-at-the-hip relationship officially something to howl over.

Zulily is an online retailer that is stocked with quirky gifts that promises that your present stands out. While your dog might just think its new sweater is a chew toy, it's bound to be an appreciated gift for your canine BFF. The Double-Header Sweater retails at $39.99 and comes in multiple styles so your sweater can match your vibe. Choose between cute quips like "Love is Love", "Be Mine I'm Yours", "Heart Breaker", and "Double Trouble". No matter how you label your love for your dog, this is bound to be the best purchase of the year.

The Double-Header Sweater can be shared with your significant other or your best, best friend for the ultimate snuggle session in front of Netflix. But sharing a sweater with your beloved dog's furry face is arguably the best use of zulily's Double-Header Sweater. Just imagine their furry face sprouting from the other head hole, smiling, panting and snacking on treats alongside you and your bag of chips.

Also, it could actually be good for your health. According to a recent study, there is no such thing as too close to comfort when it comes to getting cuddly with your dog. Sharing a bed with a human partner or a cat — a pet that would not be down to share a sweater — may disturb sleep. But research suggests that dogs do not. The study, conducted by the University of Florida and Canisius College, found that, "dogs who slept in the owner’s bed were perceived to disturb sleep less and were associated with stronger feelings of comfort and security."


Besides sharing an extra-large sweater with your doggo being basic self care, it's also an incomparable Instagram opportunity. And it might just start a trend. Could this be the newest Snuggie? It might not be conventional or appropriate to wear outside the perimeters of your own home but what it lacks in day-to-day style it makes up for in comfort.

Your doggo has always been there for you. Every greeting is with the kind of enthusiasm seen at airport arrivals when you walk through the door from work. We know that we might not deserve dogs and their unconditional love, but now you can show your doggo that you're here to stay by literally sticking together.