This Olympic Skater Pulled Off A Wardrobe Change ON The Ice — Yes, Really

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The Olympics are made for iconic moments, like Mirai Nagasu becoming the first American woman to land a triple axel at the event. Others create viral moments that you just can't help but love. As The Cut found, French figure skater Maé-Bérénice Méité had a wardrobe change on ice at the Olympics. Because when you're already one of the best in your country, you have to add a little extra.

Méité might not have placed at the Olympics, but she won the heart of fashion-lovers everywhere with her performance. The French skater had a quick change during her free skate performance. With just one snap, her skirt went from a plain black belted bottom to a multi-colored gem-filled skirt. There's no word on if she got bonus points for the quick change, but I sure hope she did.

The idea wasn't just to stun people will her incredible skirt, though. The wardrobe change came mid-performance as her routine music changed from Chopin to Pharrell’s “Happy." Because you can't skate to that kind of uplifted song without a multi-colored skirt. According to The Cut, she also skated to Beyoncé's “Run the World (Girls)” earlier in the week, so basically, if you didn't already have a favorite ice skater, you do now.

The idea is perfect for walking into work in the morning and then making a quick change when you're about to go to happy hour. Or when your friends tell you to dress casual and then they show up looking a little fancy. If someone doesn't give this skater a fashion deal after this, I will be seriously disappointed. Because a skirt this versatile deserves to be loved by all.

All jokes aside, Méité killed it with her performance. Olympic athletes are all absolutely incredible. They got to the event by being the best in their country at the sport. But not everyone can bring this much flare to a routine. Putting a personal spin on a performance can arguably be the most challenging part of a show.

There were Americans who brought it with their personalities, too. Adam Rippon put his personality into his performance during his ice skating routines and it, along with his athletic skill, won him bronze in the team event. It made him loved on social media as well.

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While Méité killed it with her performance, the outfit deserves a second look as well. While some skaters opted for bright one-toned colored outfits for the Olympics, the French skater started with all black and white. Of course, it was filled with gems all along the Peter Pan collar and throughout the bust. She brought the color with the quick-change, though.

The double-belted skirt was actually hiding the snap that made the wardrobe change. Méité clipped off one side, spun it around, and clipped it to the other. Underneath was a collection of different-sized rainbow gems that looked absolutely incredible. If nothing else, it will give you some major outfit inspiration.

Social media was loving Méité just as much. Leslie Jones even tweeted at the figure skater after her on-ice Beyoncé filled performance. "I love when they do things like this," Jones said in the tweet. The ice skater replied by quoting the tweet and saying, "YOU ARE GIVING ME LIFE" in all caps.

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The Olympics might be coming to an end, but it's moments like this that will keep you entertained while you wait four years for them to come back. Because the talent is absolutely incredible, but it's the athletes' personalities that make the entire world fall in love. Plus, a great fashion moment is not a bad way to go out, either.