'Friends From College' Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Life

David Lee/Netflix

There's something about the nostalgia of being with your old friends that makes you feel like you're at your funniest and your best — though the casual observer probably doesn't appreciate the humor. The new Netflix series Friends From College seeks to prove that wrong and brings everyone in to the inside jokes. And, it shows that growing older doesn't mean your life suddenly gets perfect. No adult has it all together. The men took center stage in the series' first trailer, but the women of Netflix's Friends From College shine in this exclusive clip. Starring Cobie Smulders, Annie Parisse, and Jae Suh Park, the clip shows that these three ladies have a natural friendship that leads to a lot of laughs as well, because adulting is hard whether you're a millennial or someone in their 40s.

The series, which premieres in July, is about a group of Harvard grads whose lives begin to collide more and more 20 years after graduating. This is not your typical college reunion. These aren't recent graduates, or new parents trying to cling onto their former lifestyle — though we're all guilty of reverting to old habits when we're around people we met in the past. The fact that these characters are nearing their 40s puts an interesting spin on nostalgia and what it means to be, well, friends from college. To stay in touch with someone for that long is really special.

In the clip Lisa, Sam, and Marianne have met up for drinks. A "Girls Night Out," if you will. They talk mostly about their careers. Lisa hates her job. Marianne can't seem to keep a job, but doesn't seem bothered by it. Sam is more of a mystery at this point. The trailer claims that they "think they have it all figured out" — but that's pretty much a universal lie. Nobody has it figured out, especially those who think they do. It definitely leaves you wanting more, if only to make you feel better about about the problems in your own life.

The series was created by married duo (and Harvard graduates) Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco. You know Stoller from directing movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him To The Greek, The Five Year Engagement, and Neighbors. He's also one of the creators of The Carmichael Show and wrote The Muppets with Jason Segel. Friends From College also stars Keegan-Michael Key, Billy Eichner, Fred Savage, and Nat Faxon. And, Seth Rogen and Kate McKinnon also guest star in the series.

With a group of stars like that and such an original premise, the show is sure to bring a lot of laughs. Plus, it'll help reassure you that if you don't have it all together now, that's OK. Most adults are faking it anyway.