This Frozen Waffle Hack Will Change Your Approach To Breakfast

When it comes to making breastfast, we tend to want three things: Fast, easy, and delicious. Luckily for us, waffles tend to fit that bill — and this frozen waffle hack that's currently making its way around the internet has the power to boost your waffle game to the next level. True, part of that is because it's brilliant; however, the video explaining just how it works is pretty darn hilarious, too. I feel like something about having your waffle and eating it too might apply here, no?

Right off the bat, you might think: How hard is it to make frozen waffles? The obvious answer might be "easy enough" — but if you don't have a toaster available to you, it might seem a whole lot harder. Fear not, though, waffle lovers; provided you have a working stovetop and a pan, you are mere minutes away from sweet, golden goodness.

The team over at Delish breaks down the process of how to make frozen waffles without a toaster, courtesy of a video featuring Tyler, The Creator. The steps are extremely easy: Once you've removed your waffle from the packaging, you simply butter each side of it, place it on a hot skillet, and sprinkle each side with cinnamon before flipping it. The full video of the hack for Odd Future suggests cooking it for 45 seconds on each side before flipping.

And that's it! No toaster required.

Now, what absolutely needs mentioning is how epic this video is. If you check out the full video of this toaster magic courtesy of YouTube, you can see for yourself how Tyler and his co-creator, Elizabeth, work their way through making waffles. They are both hilarious from start to finish, so while making waffles isn't really rocket science, a few minutes of their rapport is sure to give you a chuckle... And hey, sometimes it's nice to watch the creation of food in full, right?

It's also worth pointing out that waffles aren't just for breakfast! You can enjoy them any time of day when you need a quick and warming meal. Waffles are also pretty easy to customize with sweet toppings, like fruit, syrups, and whipped cream. You can also easily make them savory by adding some protein, yogurt, or sliced avocado.

So get yourself from frozen waffles, my friends. With a hack this easy, you won't regret it!