13 Toaster Waffle Hacks That Will Deliciously Transform The Laziest Breakfast Food — PHOTOS

In the interest of full disclosure, and because you'll all need an explanation for my spontaneous death if Eggo ever goes bankrupt, I eat waffles for breakfast literally every day. Even on the day of the SAT in high school when my mom was touting articles about "brain power foods" with a spatula at the ready, I stubbornly persisted with eating my two Strawberry Eggos. They have become so ingrained in the routine of my human life that on mornings when I have run out of them, I will have mini existential crises in front of the freezer before settling on a food that makes little to no sense for breakfast and then being confused and sad for the entire day.

I tell you this because you need to understand that when writing about waffle hacks, I do not write as an ordinary waffle layman. I write as a woman who once rushed so quickly to get my waffles out of the toaster so I wouldn't miss their "butter window" that I almost shanked my older brother with a butter knife. (He understood; it's totally chill, I think.) My passion for waffles is one that rivals Leslie Knope's, and although I am way too in awe of her to ever presume that I love waffles as much as she does, hopefully these hacks will help us all get a little bit closer to her level.

Image: Danielle Scott/Flickr

Use two toaster waffles to make an ice cream sandwich

I know what you’re thinking: Can human beings handle this amount of power? And the truth is, probably not. But just like putting porn on the Oculus virtual reality glasses, we’re gonna do it anyway.

Image: zi1217/Flickr

Deep fry your waffles

This is an especially important thing to know if, heaven forbid, there is another Snowmageddon and the power goes out wherever you live. It will probably take a few years off your life, but what’s the point of life if you don’t take the risks that make it worth living?

Image: notahipster/Flickr

Make waffle grilled cheese


Image: kellybone/Flickr

Melt peanut butter and maple syrup together and drizzle it on the waffles

Several of my organs just shut down from typing that sentence, so there’s that.

Image: lainetrees/Flickr

Use waffles as the bread for a PB&J sandwich

There is very little in this world that cannot be improved by PB&J, and waffles are decidedly in that category.

Images: tjeremy/Flickr

Use them as emergency croutons

It is a miracle if I take it upon myself to buy even one salad ingredient, let alone remember to buy multiple others. And God knows I am too weak-willed to eat a kale salad without a healthy dose of carb somewhere snuck into it. Bless the waffle and its pliable nature for letting us use it however we please.

Image: naotakem/Flickr

Cut them up and put them in a breakfast taco scramble

Look at that picture. The only thing on this planet that would irrefutably improve every pixel in that picture would be ADDING WAFFLE PIECES TO IT.

Images: zombieite/Flickr

Make mini-waffle s'mores

So you know those adorable mini-waffles? I stopped eating them somewhere around the age of 9 when I graduated to Big Girl waffles (my parents are so proud), but this throwback may just be the vital ingredient to the most splendiforous s’mores you will ever consume.

Image: langille/Flickr

Use them to make stuffing

I don’t know anyone who eats stuffing on the 364 days of the year that are not Thanksgiving, but the internet tells me that some of you do. If you want to maximize the deliciousness in this dish, you can replace all bread with torn up waffles, because it will only be a matter of time before waffles replace everything (including human love. What? I would cuddle with a waffle at night.)

Image: aon/Flickr

Buy a rotisserie chicken and make "chicken and waffles"

A PSA for lazy people everywhere who occasionally masquerade as not lazy people: for seven dollars you can buy a fully-cooked rotisserie chicken, cut it up, put it on a bunch of toaster waffles and VOILÀ: You just fed four humans who are undoubtedly impressed by your mad kitchen prowess. (JK, they’ll totally know it’s a sham but at least you tried, and it’s still crazy delicious.)

Images: jeffreyww/Flickr

Make a giant waffle cake

Step one: Frosting between each layer. Step two: stack it up as high as you can take it. Step three: success.

Images: benimoto/Flickr

Make them in a toaster oven instead of a toaster

As much as this pains me (I have a Hello Kitty toaster and it is my favorite appliance of all time), your waffles will be so impressively crispy that it will be worth every second you spend hovering over them making sure they don’t burn.

Image: brenville/Flickr

Use waffles as a layer in a homemade trifle

I literally don’t see what could possibly go wrong with just layering waffles and pudding and fruit and calling it a day (that is, of course, unless you’re Rachel from Friends , and then it’s an entirely different story).

Image: learninglark/Flickr